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Customer Comments

"Just thought I'd drop a line to tell you how impressed I am with your templates, which I recently purchased."

-Iain Bell
-New Zealand


"I have gone thru PSDP and you put together a very nice process pattern that will help me have successful projects. You know what I did just now? I ordered the templates."

-VenKat Pat
-Sacramento, CA

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PSDP Templates

If you wish to adopt PSDP for use with one or more projects, then the PSDP Templates are a must have!

PSDP Templates Version 3.02 Now Available!


Purchase PSDP Templates

If you wish to adopt PSDP for use with one or more projects, then the PSDP Templates Cost

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*Allows unlimited number of users per company (all physical addresses).

What's new to 3.02

  • New Use Case template (for documenting a single use case).
  • New Requirements Specification (UML) template (use case
    driven template).
  • Updated current traditional requirements template. This
    template also has a new name "(trad)" was appended to the

Why Purchase the Templates

  • If you wish to adopt PSDP for use with one or more projects, then the PSDP Templates are a must have!
  • The PSDP Templates add a framework for documenting, presenting, and managing your software development projects.
  • If you're developing software for clients, the PSDP templates add professionalism to your process.

What's Included

The PSDP Templates include all of the templates used within PSDP to document and manage your software development project. The following is a list of the files included broken down by phase:

Phase 1 - Inception

Inception Phase Worksheet

For use with initial consultation to help guide the conversation. Use this template to start capturing the parameters and features of the software development project. Most of the information collected here will be moved to the project proposal, requirements specification, and possibly even the agreement.

Project Proposal-T&M

For use as a Time & Material based project proposal.

Project Proposal-Fixed

For use as a Fixed-Bid based project proposal.

Phase 2 - Requirements

Requirements Specification

Use this to document the general and detailed requirements of the software. Copy project parameters and general requirements from the project proposal and update and expand as appropriate. Focus on the detailed requirements.

Requirements Specification Release Note

Whenever you send a deliverable to the customer, you should include a release note. The release notes in PSDP educate and guide the customer.

Phase 3 - General Design

General Design Proposal

The general design proposal contains updated project parameters, the general design, and pros and cons. Create one general design proposal per general design explored.

Phase 4 - Detail Design

Design Specification

The design specification contains updated project parameters, updated general design, and the detail design.

Design Specification Release Note

Use when you send a design specification to a customer.

Phase 5 - Initial Coding

Alpha Release Note

Use when you send an alpha deliverable to a customer (alpha's are used to validate functionality).

Phase 6 - Testing & Rework

Test Plan

Includes testing strategy and test plans specific to a project.

Beta Release Note

Use when you send a beta deliverable to a customer (beta's are used to find and prioritize defects).

Phase 7 - User Acceptance

Release Candidate Release Note

Use when you send a release candidate deliverable to a customer. Release candidates are used to accept the software - reviewed for high priority, stop ship, defects only.

Phase 8 - Deployment

Deployment Plans

The Deployment Plans document contains the deployment plan, rollback plan, training plan, and operational plan.

Deployment Plans Release Note

Use when you send the deployment plans deliverable to a customer.


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