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Customer Comments

"Just thought I'd drop a line to tell you how impressed I am with your templates, which I recently purchased."

-Iain Bell
-New Zealand


"I have gone thru PSDP and you put together a very nice process pattern that will help me have successful projects. You know what I did just now? I ordered the templates."

-VenKat Pat
-Sacramento, CA

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Prestwood Software Development Process (PSDP)

Got Process?

Adopt PSDP, a FREE standard, as your standard and get on the PSDP path to successful software projects now!

PSDP Overview (click to view)

Prestwood Software Development Process(PSDP) is a proven process that features scalability and flexibility geared toward managing the development of software systems, applications, components, web sites, and web applications.

PSDP is an iteration-centric full life-cycle software development process. Iteration, as defined in PSDP, is a deployed version of the software to the end users. A project usually contains one iteration of the software and that version is usually numbered 1.0, 1.1, 2.0a, etc. Although PSDP is iteration-centric, it does offer mechanisms for enterprise modeling, multiple iterations, and the maintenance that occurs between iterations.

PSDP Consists of:

  • The PSDP Standard (a series of FREE PDF documents)
  • The PSDP Templates (MS Word .DOT template files available in our store)
  • PSDP Online - Our Online Database (used when you outsource a project to Prestwood)

Getting Started
We recommend you both go through the [PSDP Overview] (an interactive online tutorial) and read the 19 page PSDP PDF Overview. These are the first two options below.


Introduction to PSDP. Learn PSDP Online with these FREE prerecorded online multimedia sessions. This session introduces new users to PSDP.

PSDP Overview - PDF Version

The following is our PSDP Overview document. The zip file above contains all of the PSDP documents.

PSDP Overview - Short HTML Version

The overview document is available for viewing on your PDA. This include Palm and PocketPC.

PSDP Downloads FREE

Get your copy of the PSDP standard now! Get on the PSDP path to successful software projects now!

Purchase PSDP Templates

If you wish to adopt PSDP for use with one or more projects, then the PSDP Templates are a must have!

 We use PSDP!
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If you are using PSDP as part of your software development process then place our endorsement logo on your web site.


PSDP Frequently Asked Questions.

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