Knowledge Transfer Projects

Project Mentoring: Project Management, Process, Analysis, Coding, Testing, Tracking.

A knowledge transfer project is a project using a combination of Prestwood staff and your staff with the goal of transferring knowledge from us to your staff. Whether you want help with software development process, project management, analysis techniques, coding, testing, or tracking, we can put a project together with two goals: complete the project and train your staff.

One-on-One Developer Training

Knowledge transfer to one or two developers.

If you have or are a developer in need of mentoring and training, consider our one-on-one developer training program. With this type of knowledge transfer project, either the development tasks are divided up or you complete the tasks and one of our developer mentors reviews the work and gives guidance.

Custom Classes

Programming taught by professional programmers.

From time to time we put together a training class provided by professional developers at your office, our office, or over the Internet using remote software. If you're interested in attending one of these master classes, contact us. For service: 916-726-5675
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