Managed Care for Business

Industry best practice for getting the most out of technology
and keeping your computers running and current.

Proactive managed care is the industry best practice for computer management. We install sophisticated monitoring software that talks to our cloud server which notifies us when a problem occurs and in many cases, we can solve the problem BEFORE it impacts business productivity. Our managed care clients get our highest priority, included time monthly, and our lowest rates for ongoing service including support, help-desk, and project work.

Best-Of-Breed Support Interaction

We provide support smaller tech companies cannot including an online ticket system, Help Desk, and 24/7/365 NOC/in-person support.

Pro versus Essential

Pro-Level Support (Gold/Silver):

Essential-Level Support (Bronze):

  • Advanced Remote Control
  • Advanced Network Monitoring adds:
    • Printer (low ink, low paper, etc.)
    • Connectity (server up/down)
    • SMTP Up/Down (verifies you can send email)
  • Advanced Server Monitoring: Connectity (server up/down), Domain Controller, Exchange, MS SQL, etc.
  • Real time optimization: optimizes your computer in realtime.
  • Weekly Maintenance: Check Disk, Defrag, Temp Files, Firmware Updates.
  • Remote Support Manager: Allows us to perform advanced operations.
  • Automation Scripts: Fix many problems with prewritten scripts.
  • Self Healing: autofixes many problems.
  • Warranty Watch: part of an overall DR plan.
  • Remote Control
  • Network Monitoring
  • Computer Health Monitoring
    • Audit Patches (missing patches=vulnerable [Win only])
    • Disk (low HD=no patches)
    • CPU Utilization Rate (spiked CPU=hacked computer)
    • Memory (spiked memory=virus)
Not Included (included with Pro Agent):
  • No Realtime Optimization
  • No Weekly Maintenance
  • No Remote Support Manager
  • No Automation Scripts
  • No Self Healing
  • No Warranty Watch

Best-of-breed proactive monitoring, management, and support.

Gold / Gold+

Pro-Level Support, Fixed Budget
Same as Silver plus Gold adds unlimited remote support. Gold+ adds unlimited onsite support. Support includes keeping you going + GPO Cookbook + key application maintenance for server), blacklist monitoring, 20GB Managed Cloud Backup, Backup Watch, Tech Roadmap, Tech Binder, 24/7 On-Call Tech, and lowest project rate.
10 Workstations + Server

Starting at $1,172 / mo.

30 wrkstns + 3 srvrs=$2,945/mo.


Pro-Level Support
Same as Bronze plus pro-level support (adv monitoring, Remote Support Manager, Automation Scripts, AND AUTO MAINTENANCE/Self Healing), and more.
10 Workstations + Server

Starting at $595 / mo.

30 wrkstns + 3 srvrs=$1,285/mo.


Essential-Level Support
Network monitoring, remote control and health monitoring (computers, routers, etc.), Patch Management (OS+3rd-Party), Managed AV, monthly server checkup, monthly reports, included time, and lower rate.
10 Workstations + Server

Starting at $345 / mo.

30 wrkstns + 3 srvrs=$685/mo. For service: 916-726-5675
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Printed 8/3/2020