Smart Host Service (Spam Filtering and Email Archiving)

Protection, Security, Archiving, Encryption, and Monitoring.

Smart host email managementment including spam filtering, email archiving, protection, security, encryption, and monitoring. Free Outlook plugin!

Email Protection

Enterprise Plan = $2/month

Provides spam filtering for your onsite Exchange server, hosted Office 365, Google Apps for Work, and unreliable hosted pop accounts. Since the service is cloud-based, it blocks spam before it has a chance to get anywhere near your network, potentially freeing up thousands of business hours in the process. In other words, it makes certain that at least 99.99% of potential threats never appear on your own data storage resources.

Email Continuity

Enterprise+Continuity Plan = $2.80/month

Extended server downtime and power outages can quickly spell disaster for any company. With email continuity, you'll be able to keep going for up to 90 days with inbound and outbound email. In a disaster, you'll be able to access this cloud-based email archive whenever you need.

Email Archiving

Enterprise+Continuity+Archiving Plan = $4.80/month

Archive all correspondence up to 30 years -- fully automated! Optional Outlook plugin for easy access too! Archiving email is part of your institutional memory -- your companies' ability to retain information over time and with evolving staff. In addition, legal obligations sometimes require companies to maintain an email archive.

Free Email Encryption

Included with ALL PLANS!

Our end-to-end email encryption service automatically encrypts all outgoing emails while also automatically decrypting incoming emails. We support multiple encryption protocols, including TSL, DANE, EMIG, SMIME, PGP and Websafe. There's no maintenance or installation required and, once activated, your corporate emails will remain safeguarded even if they do fall into the wrong hands.

Free Mail Flow Watch

Optional included service with ALL PLANS!

Optionally, our system can send a test email every few minutes to a monitoring mailbox on your server. We set up a forward on your server to send the emails back to us and our helpldesk NOC does the rest!

Free Outlook Plugin

Optional included plugin with ALL PLANS!

We provide full support for Outlook 2010 and above with a plugin for setting up and managing email filters within Outlook itself. If you also choose to use our email archiving service, you'll also be able to search through historic emails right in Outlook. You'll be able to take advantage of all our main services using the familiar interface of Outlook. You'll be able to blacklist or whitelist senders, instantly report emails as spam or marketing content, request a spam report and more. For service: 916-726-5675
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Printed 5/31/2020