Why Prestwood

The Prestwood Difference

We understand selecting the right consulting firm is a tough decision. The following are key points to consider about Prestwood:

Prestwood IT Solutions works with both the private and public sectors. In the private sector, we have worked with the largest companies in the world and small businesses including multi-billion dollar companies like Barrick Industries, Aon, and Hartford as well as smaller companies such as Webroot Software, Sierra Computer Solutions, Sunrise Systems, and many others. As a CMAS certified and Small Business certified CA company, we have done business with the state of CA including the CA HHSDC (OSI), CA Dept of Health, CA Dept of Fire & Forestry, CA State Senate, and many others.


Prestwood IT Solutions is located in the United States in Citrus Heights, CA (near Sacramento). We DO NOT outsource to India, nor any other country and we have no need for H-1B developers. We believe we can do a better job at a lower cost right here in the United States.

Online Ticket System

We have an online ticket system that offers you visibility into the work we're doing for you through your Tickets & Agreements link. The requests you submit are assigned a ticket number and show up on your Tickets & Agreements page.

Online Computer Inventory

We also offer an extensive online computer inventory for tracking computers (servers and workstations), printers, and other devices. This online database is maintained by both you and us (we both can view and edit items). This online database helps us support you better.

Remote Access

If you want to show us something on your computer, we have the ability to remote into your computer without installing any permanent software. The process is browser-based and takes less than 1 minute.

Weekly Billing

We bill weekly so you know how much you're spending and specifically who is working on what. All developers turn in their time by Monday at 11:00 AM and invoices and sales receipts go out as soon as possible (usually by Wednesday).

Prestwood is a true Consulting Firm; Not an Agency

Prestwood has been consulting since 1984 and will be around when you need us. We carry professional liability insurance, worker comp, etc. Consulting firms maintain a bench of developers and tend to enforce standards and have a solid methodology for building software. Agencies, on the other hand, are in the business of placing people on a project. The people may or may not be qualified.

Coding Services Specific:

The Prestwood Software Development Process

Prestwood Software Development Process (PSDP) is a proven process that features scalability and flexibility geared toward managing the development of software systems, applications, components, websites, and web applications. We ensure our quality control using PSDP.

Tickets & Agreements, PSDP Online, and Enterprise Modeling

We have an online ticket system that offers you visibility into the work we're doing for you through your Tickets & Agreements link. The requests you submit are assigned a ticket number and show up on your Tickets & Agreements page. If a task grows into a project, we use our PSDP software development process along with an online database for tracking your project. This database is available through the same Tickets & Agreements link. We attach an extended database to one of your tickets. In other words, when appropriate, we promote a regular ticket to a PSDP ticket. A PSDP ticket allows us to track tasks, requirements, design elements, builds, test scripts, defects, etc. If our relationship grows into a long term partnership, we offer enterprise modeling that ties together multiple applications and multiple projects. This online database serves as a permanent knowledge base for the work we do for you. Also, you have full access to this database so you can add and edit information yourself which can save both time and money.

Our online database serves as a permanent knowledge base for the work we do for you.
Your custom software is YOUR intellectual property.

PSDP Online is part of your institutional memory.

Version Control

We use version control to track the various versions of source code files we develop. This allows us to rollback to a previous "better" version if and when the need arises. We create a private repository for your company and grant access to you and our staff assigned to your account.

Private FTP Site

For each client, we create a private FTP site for the exchanging of files.

Client Private Area

All of our clients have access to our Client Extranet group and the client-only Client Private Download Area knowledge base which documents in detail how to work with Prestwood and contains some special information and downloads. We specialize in working remotely with our clients around the world.

Formal Testing Available

Formal testing is different than verification testing. Although you will always perform verification testing, for smaller projects, some of our clients prefer to do their own formal testing. With even the smallest projects, our developers test their own work. However, formal independent testing can be done by your staff or by our testing staff.

State-of-the-Art Systems

In our office we maintain a workbench for working on computers, a test bench for testing software, and a server room. We maintain multiple workstation and server environments so we can simulate nearly any environment you can think of.

Our server technology includes:

  • Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008 & 2011
  • Standard, Advanced, Enterprise, Web, and Terminal Servers
  • 32bit and 64bit servers (and workstations)
  • Windows-based and SOHO file servers

Our workstation technology includes:

  • Current workstations (Win 7/8) as well as availability to Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, etc.
  • Home, Professional/Business, Media Center, Ultimate Editions
  • Mac workstations too!
  • 32bit and 64bit workstations

Server Software

  • Current server technology:
    • Win Server 2012 with Exchange 2013.
    • MS SQL 2012
  • Legacy servers too:
  • Server 2008 with Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2011
  • Server 2003
  • MS SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008
  • Oracle 10 and 11
  • MySQL
  • Interbase
  • Vault, Dragnet
  • SourceSafe, SourceSafe Offsite (SOS)

Workstation Software

  • MS Outlook 2003 and 2007
  • Intuit Quickbooks
  • BusinessWorks
  • MAS 90
  • TimeForce


  • LED Signs connected to a UDS-10 device

Reasons to Outsource:

Outsourcing is a rapidly growing practice in this economy because companies are under pressure to get products out or revise their technologies fast, without compromising their quality standards and internal resources. For this reason, many companies are outsourcing their I.T. needs.

  • Focus staff: Do what you do best and let us do what we do best. New systems have to be developed while existing ones need to be maintained or enhanced. Staffing up to achieve everything can be costly. Sacrificing one initiative for the other can hurt business.
  • Reduce operational costs by over 75%: The current focus is on cutting expenses. However, the level of required work still needs to be maintained to generate revenue.
  • Get to market quickly: Your competitors face the same challenges of cutting costs while remaining competitive.
  • Leverage our expertise: Leverage our expertise and access to new technology. Outsourcing is new to many companies and the learning curve can be costly.
  • Knowledge Transfer: You can jump-start the talent and experience of your internal team with a knowledge transfer project which focuses on transferring our expertise to your staff while completing a project.
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