PSC .Net Framework

Our .Net Framework for building feature-rich robust n-tier database applications.

With our PSC .Net Framework, we can build robust .Net applications for you with or without knowledge transfer and you get the source code when we're done so you can continue to evolve your application with or without our help.

Quick view of Feature-Set:

  • Built in both Visual Studio.Net 2005 and 2008.
  • Both C# and VB.Net code versions available.
  • Built for use with both WinForms and WebForms.
  • Uses MS SQL 2005 as a database. (Other databases can be used by enhancing the data-layer.)
  • Once installed and configured, many traditional database features for a wide variety of industries can be easily and quickly setup.
  • Supports custom field requirements.
  • Supports custom business rules and validations


We will be happy to get you a more accurate estimate or quote, contact us for more information. The pricing for the initial minimum budget is based on the following guidelines:

  • $3,500 Setup and Installation Fee
  • $2,000 Per Business Entity

Of course, every project is different but the above fees are the starting point we use for the initial minimum budget required. So you can see even with a large application with 20 business entities, the initial minimum budget starts at $43,500 and you'll get a feature-rich robust .Net n-tier business database application that would cost upwards of $300,000 if built from scratch. We also offer knowledge transfer so your staff can take over where we leave off and you can use us on an as-needed basis.


Q. Is the cost to develop cheaper when based on your PSC Framework?

A. Yes, much cheaper.

Q. Do I have to compromise on the user interface?

A. No, but we do ask that you let us show you the default interface for each set of features so you can see what that looks like. Essentially the default interface is free. From there, we can deliver custom interfaces just the way you want it.

Q. Will we or Prestwood own the source code?

A. You will not own the source code. However, you will have a copy of the source code and a license to use and enhance it for your own use even on other projects. Since we developed the initial PSC Framework, we assume you will likely want our help from time to time and we'll be here if and when needed. For service: 916-726-5675
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Printed 6/7/2023