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Workbench 1.x for Paradox

Add over 50 options to Paradox!


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$ 39.95


Quick Overview

IconWorkbench for Paradox is an add-on suite of tools for the 32-bit version of Paradox and is geared toward speeding up the development of business database applications. This tool suite installs right into Paradox's Tools menu, giving you easy access to over 50 options. Don't develop another application without a full suite of tools!

  • Help File (98 KB) - Download the help file and browse through all the features.

Download the Paradox 9 or 10 version now!

Download the latest version now and try it before you buy it. This fully functional version will stop working after 30 days. When you purchase the product, you'll receive an unlock key.

What about other versions of Paradox?

We currently do not offer a trial version of the older versions of this software. Once you purchase a license, you'll receive an access code to the Workbench 1.x Private Area. That is when and where you can get the Paradox 8, 7 (32-bit), 5, and 4.5 versions.

If you've lost your access code or your unlock key, Contact Technical Support.

The Toolboxes

At the heart of Workbench for Paradox are the five toolboxes accessed through the buttons described below:

The Launcher

Manages instances of Paradox. Allows you to work on several projects at the same time. Launch a new instance of Paradox with on-the-fly generation of a new private directory. Easily open Paradox objects (forms & reports) with a newly generated private directory and the correct working directory. Paradox Task List allows you to switch among instances of Paradox and displays hidden reports and forms

The Inspector

Prints reports on source code, objects, properties, link information, and table structures. The Enumerator generates information about Paradox and your system and gives you easy access to compile information and easy access to system information.

The Status Pad

Displays information about the currently selected object or objects, the currently open form or report, Paradox, and Windows.

The Object Toolbox

Manipulates objects by giving you easy access to the most frequently used toolbar buttons. Also provides extra buttons including copy & paste properties, size, position, and code from one object to another.

The Designer Toolbox

Manipulates forms & reports. Gives you easy access to Paradox's rulers and toolbars. Allows you to zoom an object from 25% to 400% quickly and allows you to easily add a code header to your ObjectPAL code. Great for documentation!

The Menu System

Right click on any of the toolboxes for even more utilities and reference material. Utilities include Prestwood's Data Dictionary, ability to add dummy data, The Delivery System, and a style sheet creator.

System Requirements

  • Either Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, or XP
  • Three megabytes of free disk space
  • Either Paradox 7 (32-bit), Paradox 8, Paradox 9, or Paradox 10

Paradox for Linux Note Although Paradox 9 for Linux is not supported, many Paradox 9 for Linux users have had success using Workbench. Corel deserves all the credit for achieving a very high compatibility between Paradox for Windows and Paradox for Linux using the Wine emulator. Workbench does not install to the Tools menu so you have to open workbench.fdl each time you wish to use it.

WorkBench 1.x
Paradox WBThesaurusAdd 50+ options to Paradox 7, 8, 9, or 10. Installs right into Paradox's Tools menu.
WorkBench Manual
60 page manual for Workbench 1.0. Most of the material applies to all versions of Workbench. Updated information appears in the help file that comes with Workbench.


More Options

Technical Support

Workbench 1.x Private Area

About the Private Area
When you purchase Workbench, you receive an unlock key for Workbench for Paradox 9 and 10 AND an access code to the Workbench 1.x Private Area. This private area contains versions for Paradox 4.5, 5, 7, and 8.


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Customer Comments

"I use Workbench almost daily, especially for printing code."

-Harold Ducote
-Frank's Casing Crew


"...workbench for Paradox works excellent..."

-Edward Bather

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