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Password PocketBook

In our modern lives, almost every technological innovation we use to simplify our lives requires us to keep a unique account or password. Bank cards, internet access, cell phones, computers, web sites, and a host of other services in our lives force us to juggle dozens of accounts and passwords in our heads.

The Prestwood Password PocketBook is an application designed for keeping an organized list of your accounts and passwords in one convenient place.

The application keeps your records behind one secure user ID and password. You only need to remember one account to look up the records of all of your other accounts.

The Prestwood Password PocketBook can keep records for several users, each with their own Password PocketBook login. The records of any given user are only accessible to that user when they enter the correct password.

The interface allows you to categorize your records based on seven general categories. Here are the seven categories, and examples of the type of account information you might keep in each category:

  • Web - internet accounts, email accounts, subscription web sites.
  • Computer -  Windows logins, database accounts, software passwords.
  • Work - employee security codes, workstation passwords, technical Support Accounts.
  • Bank - checking, savings, 401K accounts, online banking accounts.
  • Private - home alarm codes, On*Star passwords, safe combinations.
  • Custom - (Two categories) any group of records you wish; for instance, cell phone passwords.

The interface has a password Safe Guard feature, which allows you to hide your passwords so that others can't look over your shoulder and read them while you work. The Safe Guard can only be turned off by re-entering the correct Password PocketBook user password.

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