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The Prestwood Client List

We have a large client list of over 900 clients we've helped since the 1980s. The following is small sampling of some of our clients.

Private Sector

  • AON Corporation
  • CA Hospice Foundation
  • Cortez Gold Mines
  • Lifetouch
  • GTech Corporation
  • Hahnemann Laboratories, Inc.
  • Hartford
  • Holiday Inn
  • IEEE
  • JasperSoft
  • Johnson Rooney Welch, Inc
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Therapeutic Research Center
  • Transamerica
  • Turquoise Ridge Mines

Public Sector

  • CA Association for Health Services at Home
  • CA Chamber of Commerce
    Emp Handbook - Content Mgr
  • CA Dept of Forestry
  • CA Dept of Health Services
  • CA Regional Fire & Rescue
  • CA Republican Senate Caucus
  • CA Sac Metro Fire District
  • Colorado Dept of Public Safety
  • County of Eldorado (CA)
  • IL Dept of Cultural Affairs/Gallery 37
  • IL Dept of Natural Resources
  • Truckee Sanitary District in CA
  • Vandenberg AFB Fire Dept in CA

Commercial Software Makers

The following are a few of our clients who make software who had us develop the software and/or help with development. We have many others but we generally sign an NDA so our software making clients can take 100% credit.

  • JasperSoft
  • Webroot Software
  • CA Chamber of Commerce


We've worked extensively with unions building business database applications to track various aspects of running a union.

  • Auto Industry Apprenticeship in Oakland, CA
  • Automotive Apprenticeship in Santa Clara, CA
  • LU 150 Int'l Union of Operating Engineers in IL
  • LU 181 JATC/IUOE in IN
  • LU 28 Sheet Metal Workers Int'l Association in NY
  • LU 324 United Food and Commercial Workers in CA
  • LU 344 JATC Plumbers & Pipefitters in OK
  • New York District Council of Carpenters
  • North East Florida Builders Association
  • Southwest Washington Pipe Trades JATC in WA


The following are a few of the schools we've built software to track data including student data, administration info, etc.

  • Merced College in CA
  • Sunrise Montessori School
  • UC Davis Student Housing
  • UC Davis
  • Weill Medical College Cornell University
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