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About Prestwood IT Solutions

Prestwood IT Solutions, a leader in software development process, specializes in end-to-end software development for the Internet, Windows, and the PocketPC. This includes custom application development, products, and industry contributions. Prestwood also offers web site development, domain registration, hosting, and promotion.

About Prestwood Consulting Services

Prestwood consulting services caters to companies wishing to outsource some or all of their IT needs with or without knowledge transfer. Prestwood specializes in leading and emerging technologies including true cross-platform development for Windows, Linux, and the Palm OS. Prestwood's best practices approach includes object oriented methods and standards including PSDM (an implementation of UML 1.3) and PCC (our coding convention).

Based in Sacramento, California, Prestwood has been providing IT solutions since 1984. Because of the industry contributions of Mike and Brian Prestwood, Prestwood has attracted clients from all over the world. Their industry contributions include many books, articles, user groups, seminars and a strong online community. Roughly 90% of their clients reside outside of their home state of California.

About our Support Account

Our Support Account caters to companies requiring specialized support needs including programmer support, small projects, and outsourcing of specific tasks on larger projects.

About Web Site Development Service

Prestwood Web Site Development service allows companies to outsource some or all of their Internet development needs. Prestwood develops all types of web sites including presentation, eCommerce, member-only, and full web environments. To learn more, visit

About Web Hosting

Prestwood IT Solutions has many solutions for your web hosting needs including Unix, Windows 2000, eCommerce, SoftCart, and FrontPage. These shared server plans along with Prestwood IT Solutions's world class technology and support allow you to be your own webmaster. To learn more, visit


Our community is for power-users, business owners, and I.T. professionals. It is centered around keeping up with leading and emerging technologies. If you haven't become a member yet, Register now! It's free!

Founded by Mike Prestwood

Prestwood Enterprises, Inc. and it's DBAs Prestwood IT Solutions & Consulting, Prestwood S & C, PSC, Prestwood, and Software Supplement were founded by Mike Prestwood. Mike Prestwood is the author of six programming books and numerous articles.

A Little History

Prestwood, formally Software Supplement, was formed in August of 1984 by  Mike Prestwood. It's original charter was to develop and redistribute public domain software, sell computer supplies, and engage in database consulting. Since 1984, the name and charter has changed.

About Our Logo

One frequently asked question is, "Is your logo really your coat of arms?" Yes, it is the traditional coat of arms for the Prestwood surname. Documentation for the Prestwood Coat of Arms design goes back to the 1600s and can be found in Burke's General Armory. The heraldic artists of old described it as:

"Ar. a chev. gu. between three cinquefoils sa."

This translates to:

"Silver: a red chevron between three black cinquefoils." For service: 916-726-5675
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