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"I have gone thru PSDP and you put together a very nice process pattern that will help me have successful projects. You know what I did just now? I ordered the templates."

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Prestwood Coding Convention (PCC)

About Coding Conventions

A coding convention consists of the rules that you use to type your code, names, objects, and so on. Every programming language is flexible in how you use it. Developing a consistent coding convention is very important. With a good, consistent coding convention, your code is much easier to read and maintain. In the long run, it saves you time and money. In order for programmers to use it, a coding convention needs to be simple and easy to remember.

How we Apply Coding Conventions to YOUR Project

Our developers are aware of best practice standards for coding and apply them as appropriate to your project. If we're performing maintenance coding, then we strive to "fit in" to the current coding convention. If this is a new project we will create a Project Specific Developer's Guide which contains developer to developer standards, suggestions, and usage applied to the project. In addition, we sometimes create a developer's guide for maintenance projects if either no obvious coding convention exists or a mixture of coding conventions were used.

Standard Versus Suggestion

Throughout a good quality coding convention standard, you will see the terms standard and suggestion used carefully. A standard is a coding convention that you must follow. A suggestion is just that, a suggestion. Although following the suggested coding convention is wise, there will be plenty of exceptions.

SAMPLE: Prestwood Coding Convention (PCC)

We offer PCC as an example of a fairly well known coding convention authored by Mike Prestwood and used by many Paradox developers in the 1990s. PCC is a coding convention that has been public since it was first published in June of 1994. It is not to be considered set in stone, but is to act as a guideline and is to be used in accordance to the needs of the current project. Except for some introductory material, this Paradox Edition is the same as published in Mike Prestwood's book, "Corel Paradox 9 Power Programming: The Official Guide"

Download Paradox version of PCC (72k PDF)

April 1999 Paradox version of the coding convention used by Prestwood.

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