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Website Monthly Plan

Looking for ongoing website maintenance?

Use Prestwood IT for your website development and maintenance and save with a lower rate, quality features, and included time.

Our monthly plans ensure your website is performing for you. Includes domain, DNS, website monitoring, and ongoing development. Our Essential and Premium plans add ongoing SEO, and monthly performance reports. Save with a lower rate and included time! We can even build in website development costs including design and page development. You can even use your included time for social networking setup and ongoing posts.

Step 1: Move Hosting to Prestwood IT?

Although we work well with all platforms, we know our own best. Choose to use our solution or stay with your own. Choose if you wish to have your own control panel (billing through myHostCafe), or through Prestwood (one bill and changes go through Prestwood IT).

Domain registration=$9.99/year, hosting=starts at $5/mo., SSL, Exchange, Newsletters, and other hosting options available.

Step 2: Website Maintenance

Choose Basic or Advanced. Decide if you wish to add more included flex-time hours.




Included Flex-Time
For content changes, ongoing project work, and remediation of watch services. Add flex-time to plan for $85/hour.
Up to 2 Hours Up to 4 Hours
Ongoing Project Rate
For work beyond included time. Our regular non-plan rate is $110/hr.
$99/hr. $92/hr.

Unlimited/Ongoing Services (Does NOT use included flex-time.)

Domain Registration
$9.99/year. No control panel. DNS management through Prestwood.
Opt Opt
Domain Registrar Watch
Domain registrar tech emails sent to for remediation.
Economy Hosting
Starting at $5/mo. Upgrades available. No control panel, changes through Prestwood.
Opt Opt
Hosting Watch
When email received, we will contact you for approach. Remediation billed hourly, but included flex-time used first.
Website Up Watch
On a continuous basis, we will use our monitoring software to validate that your website is up during regular business hours.
Website Error Watch
500 errors, duplicate content, missing titles, 302/301 redirects, etc.
Broken Link Scan & Repair
Find and fix 404 errors.
Website Backup Archive
Based on SOP.
Version Control
Prestwood staff to setup, use, and maintain version control. Optional client access license is $295 (1x).
Page Load Time Analysis
At least initially and upon request, we'll analyze your page load times.
Email Blacklist Watch
Keep your email delivery rates high and your online reputation safe. We monitor both domain and IP.
DNS Management
Domain Name System (DNS) manages the names of websites and other internet domains such as email and FTP. Includes unlimited DNS server changes.

Flex-Time Usage Examples (Billed hourly, but included flex-time used first.)

Watch Remediation
We will contact you for approval when an email is sent to our email address from one of the watch services above such as Domain Watch, Hosting Watch, etc.
Website Development
Content changes other than minor SEO changes, landing pages, new pages, new content, new graphics, etc.
SEO and Social Networking Not In Plan
This includes initial or primary SEO work, setting up social networks as well as work beyond or different than the built-in time in plan. We can even setup a weekly, monthly, or quarterly SOP.

Step 3: Website Maintenance Add-Ons

A. Wordpress Maintenance, $55.00/mo. (Does NOT use flex-time.)

Wordpress Version Updates
Keep your Wordpress version up to date and reduce the risk of security issues.
Wordpress Theme Updates
Update theme when a new version is available, and resolve compatibility issues.
Wordpress Plugin Updates
Update plugins and resolve any compatibility issues.

Step 4: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Choose Essential (2 hour/month effort) or Premium (4 hour/month effort). Built-in SEO time, does not use included flex-time. Additional SEO can be suggested by client or Prestwood staff which will then be billed hourly but flex-time used first.




Wordpress Specific SEO
Install and maintain Google Analytics for Wordpress and SEO for Wordpress plugins.
Prestwood Backlinks
Setup backlinks and information on our family of websites to cross advertise your web presence.
Built-In Analysis & Reporting Time
Includes reports and analysis below. For deeper work, add built-in time to your plan for $65/hour (starts the following month).
1 hour 2 hours
Keyword Ranking Report
Google-specific ranking report.
Website Traffic Report
Top search phrases for your website, top pages visited, visitor counts, stickiness, most common search words, top referrals/channels, and our commentary/executive summary.
Client Keyword Tweaks
Implement keyword phrases based on client/Prestwood suggestions.
Competitor Keyword Analysis
Competitor keyword research and footprint analysis, used with SEO tweaks.
Referral Report
Report of where your visitors are coming from.
When needed, submit new sitemaps.
Built-In Monthly SEO Tweaks
One-time fees, permanent results. Includes SEO content changes to raise visibility of currently targeted phrases as well as introduce new phrases. Changes based on above analyses and current trends. For deeper work, add built-in time to your plan for $65/hour (starts the following month).
1 hour 2 hours
Additional SEO Development
Work beyond or different than built-in time in plan. We can even setup a weekly, monthly, or quarterly procedure. This includes all project work including the creating of landing pages, new pages, content changes beyond tweaks, etc. You can also add time if you want us to generate a ranking report for Bing, etc. However, we find optimizing for Google optimizes for all.

Extended Marketing Services

We can also help with any of the following:
  • Step 5: Social Networking. Decide if you want Prestwood IT to help you with setting up your social networking footprint.
    • 5a. Competitor Footprint Analysis. Research competitors and fill marketing opportunities. Billed hourly.
    • 5b. Social Networking Setup. We track common elements (graphics, bios, etc.) in our database, as well as track your interest and out progress with each social networking website. We do this type of work hourly, but your minimum initial budget should be equal to one hour per website.
      • Tier 1 Websites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+.
      • Tier 2 Websites: Pinterest, Foursquare, Instagram, Meetup, mySpace, Tubmlr, VK, Flickr, Vine, etc.
  • Step 6: Social Networking Maintenance. Ongoing monthly help with new posts, new social networking websites, etc.
  • Step 7: Google Adwords Setup and Maintenance. (Billed Hourly, 1x Setup Fees + Prepay Monthly Maintenance + Marketing Budget Paid to Google). If you are interested in push website marketing, Google Adwords is the primary website to start with. If you have success with Google Adwords, then move onto Bing, Facebook, and others. Decide if you want Prestwood IT to help you setup and use Google Adwords.
  • Step 8: Marketing Sites Setup and Maintenance. (Billed Hourly, 1x Setup Fees + Prepay Monthly Maintenance + Marketing Budget Paid to Websites). Decide if you want Prestwood IT to help you setup pure marketing websites such as and Then decide what level: free listings only, or free plus paid ads such as Google Adwords, YP, Yelp, etc. Once decided, decide if you want Prestwood to manage these paid marketing campaigns hourly or if someone on your staff will manage them.
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If you're ready to get started, open a Client Account now. However, we understand selecting the right consulting firm is a tough decision that requires discussion prior to selection. We would like you to contact us so that we can participate in your decision. Here at Prestwood we do not engage in strong sales tactics; just honest discussion. Our hope is that through honest discussion you will put some of your development tasks in our hands. Contact us today and allow us to discuss your current and future needs.

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