Managed Care for Families

Keep your computers fun to use with our proactive approach.

When a problem occurs, we can remote into your computer and help. Includes quarterly cleanups and unlimited free in-shop virus removal. Also includes Patch Management, Managed AV, remote cloud backup, and a discounted home rate for when we help you setup a new computer, or mount a TV, etc.

Security: Powerful combo of Patch Management, Managed AV, and Computer Health Monitoring.

  Standard AV Managed AV Managed Care
Antivirus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Malware
AV Professionally Configured by Us
Easy to understand profiles including advanced security options such as Anti-malware, Behavioral Analysis, Intrusion Detection System, Active Virus Control, Anti-Phishing, and Network Scanning.
AV Monitored and Managed by Us
Centralized Threat Reporting, Antivirus monitoring, Scheduled Scans, and Signature and Software Updates
Website Content Blocking
Easy to understand profiles including Block Illegal Content, Parents Profile, and Kids-Safe profile.
Patch Management (OS + 3rd-Party)
Health Monitoring
CPU (spiked CPU=hacked computer), Memory (spiked memory=virus), Disk (low HD space=no patches), and Patches (missing patches=vulnerable)
Pro Monitoring
Catastrophic events rarely come without warning. Advanced monitoring includes monitoring Windows Update, WAC, UAC, S.M.A.R.T. predictive hard drive failure, etc.
Remote Control
No more waiting for the I.T. guy!
Weekly maintenance
Check disk, defrag, DNS flush, temp file cleanup, etc.
Quarterly Remote Cleanup
(includes checkup+speedup). No need to call us, our scheduler schedules this quarterly.
UNLIMITED Virus Removal
In-shop drop-off check-up, speed-up, clean-up, and virus removal (no limit).
Business-Class Cloud Backup
Available for $.50/GB. For service: 916-726-5675
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Printed 8/3/2020