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Computer Backup Services

Computer Backup, Data Transfer, and Redundancy.

Business-Class Cloud Service * Onsite HDs * Redundant HDs

Backup services (to HD and Online), Data transfers, and Redundancy.

Computer data backup services for home users and small businesses in the greater Sacramento, CA area including online backup for disaster recovery, onsite hard drive backup, redundant hard drives in servers AND KEY WORKSTATIONS, and data backup and restore from one computer to another.

Online Backup Service

We offer 2 options:

  • Prestwood Backup- Our online business backup system with optional HD backup.
    • Starting at $5 per month (includes workstation or server client and 10 GB storage).
    • $.50 per GB for additional space.
    • Windows Client (Workstation and Server versions, XP, Vista, Win 7, 2003, 2008, 2010, etc.)
      • Simultaneously backup online and to an external hard drive.
      • Server edition backs up Exchange, MS SQL, etc.
      • Businesses can back up workstations to their server and then online.
    • Mac Client - coming soon!
  • Personal Online File Folder - available at our hosting website
    • Just $30 per year for 10GB of storage, $60 for 100GB of storage.
    • Backups, downloads, and synchronization.
    • Windows and Mac support.

Rotating Hard Drives

On-site Hard Drive Backup Service

A good solution for workstations and servers. Fastest restore option. You can install 2 or 3 hard drives and rotate them.

We offer 4 options:

  • Prestwood Online Backup- Online with duplicate onsite hard drive using Prestwood Backup configured for both online and onsite.
  • BackupAssist - Best of breed onsite backup, perfect for those tough backup situations such as MS Small Business Server (SBS).
  • MS Backup - Although not our preferred tool, Microsoft Backup is still appropriate for some situations.
  • Other Software - If you have an existing backup solution, we'll review and work with it.

Data Backup and Restore Service:

Preswood IT offers a backup your data from one computer and restore it to another computer service.

RAID Controller

Redundant Hard Drives: Servers AND DESKTOPS!

Redundant hard drives (RAID configuration such as mirrored hard drives) was primarily used in servers. With the drop in pricing, now it is becoming more common to add hard drive failure to desktops. How important is your primary computer?

Workstation RAID:

A must for ALL servers and a great idea for critical desktop workstations.

Price includes:

  • Hardware RAID controller
  • Two Hard Drives (each valued at $ drives currently available)
  • Hardware installation
  • RAID setup and configuration as mirrored (RAID 1)
  • [Optional] Image one existing drive to RAID set (usually your system partition, drive C)
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