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Prestwood eStore

Feature rich e-commerce storefront solution!

Add online e-commerce to your existing website for as little as $995!


About the Prestwood eStore

Prestwood eStore shopping cart is one of the most comprehensive e-commerce carts available anywhere and at any price.
Key Features and Benefits
  • MS SQL Server 2005 Database
  • Paypal account and merchant integration
  • Full use of Secure Socet Layers (SSL/HTTPS)
  • eStore is ready to work immediately. Quick install, and flexible to meet your needs
  • eStore can be used stand-alone or easily integrates into any existing web site.
  • Scaleable - Grows with you business
Visitor Features
  • Visitors to your web do not have to become a member to shop and add items to their cart. Only when they're ready to check out do they have to become a member.
Member-Only Features
  • Only members can purchase items.
  • Online order history - Members can come back and view or print their own receipts.
Admin Features
  • Only members promoted to administrators can access the control panel.
  • When viewing an item, Admins see an Edit Item option (easily edit your store!)
Control Panel Features
  • Browser-based control panel allows you to easily setup and manage from anywhere in the world!
  • Add, rename, and delete categories.
  • Add, edit, and delete items.
  • Add, edit, and delete shipping zones.
  • Fulfill orders (mark orders as complete or cancelled).
  • Add your "internal" notes to each order.
  • View pending orders (what are visitors shopping for right now).
  • View a list of completed or cancelled orders.

More Info - Prestwood eStore Solution Bundle
Includes domain registration (if needed), website hosting, MS-SQL 2005 SQL server hosting, SSL security certificate specific to your domain (not shared), store-front software, and integration with your existing PayPal account to both accept PayPal payments and to accept Visa/MC transactions. New Clients
Getting Started!  

$2,500 - includes core, member, and one module. Also includes installation and support.

Note Most customers have a few changes or additions they want. We can gather your special needs up front and give you a free custom quote or we can install the module of your choice and then let you tell us know what changes you want.

Optional Additional Prices
Domain Registration - $16 to $20 per year
This is your URL. Required if you don't haven't reserved a name.

Website Hosting - $20 to $60 per month
Required if you don't currently have a website.

Changes and Additions - $92 per hour or fixed bid
Custom features and changes available on a fixed bid or a per hour basis. We provide free estimates.

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Work with Mike Prestwood and our ASPSuite implementation team
to add member-based website features to your website for a fraction of custom built price.
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