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Publisher: Osborne/McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 0-07-211936-5
EAN: 9780072119367
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This book is officially endorsed by Corel and contains a forward by Dr. Michael C.J. Cowpland, CEO Corel Corporation. In addition to exploring ObjectPAL, this 700 page book covers such advanced topics as coding conventions, normalizing data, and the software development life cycle.

Quick Look

  • Maximize the power of Paradox, ObjectPAL, and the Event Model
  • Master Database Design, Object-Based Programming, and SQL
  • Enhance Your Business Database Applications
  • Publish forms and reports statically or dynamically to the Web
  • Learn about Paradox's Application Framework
  • Use single user, client server, and n-tier application development
  • Create custom applications with the Paradox's Application Framework
  • Bind forms and reports into applicationsincluding menus, toolbars, and linked help filesusing the Application Framework
  • Build intuitive SQL queries easily with Query By Example or the new Visual Query Builder
  • Use Crosstabs and Graphs
  • Master File I/O, networking, and OLE 2
  • Extend the capabilities of Paradox with add-in DLLs
  • Distribute your applications with Paradox's Runtime and Distribution Expert
  • Publish forms and reports statically or dynamically to the Web
  • Add single-click URL hyperlinks directly to forms


The official developers guide to ObjectPAL. Build robust database applications with Paradox 9the latest version of Corels innovative database management system. Using real-world examples and step-by-step instructions, Corel Paradox 9 Power Programming explains how to use the key components of Paradox programming, including ObjectPAL, Database Design, Object-Based Programming, SQL, Crosstabs, Graphs, Application Framework, Runtime and Distribution Expert. With help from this official guide, youll be able to develop custom enterprise database applications as well as publish your data on the Web easily. Maximize the power of Paradoxtoday!

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"Your book(s) is (are) *awesome*, and I would have altogether given up on Paradox long ago, had I not had them!"


"Excellent book. I have been developing in Pascal for 10 years, Access for 4 years. I wish they had a book like this. As for Paradox, without this book, I would be lost in the woods......without a paddle."

-R. Holdridge


"I already create Oracle applications in my work and got Paradox 9 on my home computer. I'm glad to see you use some of the same terms in reference to Paradox (such as using the term "trigger" in relation to an event). This helps me relate the two development systems. Having been a trainer of computer applications, I really like your presentation style. It is easy to follow and quite informative. Thanks for a good book."

-Brett McAlister
-Programer Analyst II, MT


"The value of both Paradox and your Book is beyond doubt and hesitation, not to be assessed in monetary value. Both are jewels!"

-Emil For service: 916-726-5675
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