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Books Authored

The following books were authored by Mike Prestwood.

Paradox 9 Power Programming: The Official Guide

ISBN: 0-07-211936-5
Mike Prestwood is particularly proud of this book because it is included in the Paradox 9 software box (Developer's Edition). This book is endorsed by Corel and contains a forward by Dr. Michael C.J. Cowpland, CEO Corel Corporation. In addition to exploring ObjectPAL, this 700 page book covers such advanced topics as coding conventions, normalizing data, and the software development life cycle.

Paradox 7 Programming Unleashed

ISBN: 0-672-30895-9
Paradox 7 book on developing Windows applications with Paradox. This book, sample applications, and utilities is geared toward developers and is centered around teaching how to build an application using ObjectPAL.

The CD includes soft copies of the appendices, source code from the book, many applications, utilities, and sample Paradox objects. Among the sample Paradox applications and utilities is an invoicing system, Paradox Desktop Light 3.0, a script to deliver all objects in a directory, and Prestwood's Data Dictionary.

What Every Paradox 5 for Windows Programmer Should Know

ISBN: 0-672-30533-X
This 1,230 page new edition of Mike Prestwood's first book was a complete rewrite of every chapter and included a lot of new information.

What Every Paradox 4.5 for Windows Programmer Should Know

ISBN: 0-672-30368-X
This 1,167 page book was Mike Prestwood's first book and included hundreds of code examples and full applications on the included CD. Many programmers have complimented Mike for the chose of examples included in this book. Mike chose the examples based on questions directly asked him while working in Technical Support for Borland Software Corporation.

Author Contributions

Mike Prestwood contributed to the following books.

WordPerfect Office 2000 for Linux

ISBN: 0-07-212238-2
Mike Prestwood contributed four chapters to this book and although his contribution was 15% of the book, he did not receive author credit. Mike is briefly acknowledged in the Acknowledgements on page XXI as writing "most" of the Paradox material (he actually wrote all of the Paradox material). This type of misleading "credit" is too prolific in the publishing industry.

Paradox for Windows Developer's Guide

ISBN: 0-672-30496-1
Mike Prestwood contributed Chapter 9, "Using Crosstabs and Graphs", "Appendix C: Prestwood Coding Convention", and numerous code examples included on the CD.
This book covers building and supporting Paradox applications, customizing object behavior with ObjectPAL scripts. This edition contains new chapters on database design concepts and networking, and new appendices on data recovery and Prestwood Coding Convention.

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