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Government & Schools Computer Services

Federal, State, County, City, as well as Elementary through K12, Colleges, and Special

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Government & Schools Industry

Information Technology (I.T.) for your industry.

Services taylored for the government & schools industry including federal, state, county, city, as well as elementary through k12, colleges, and special.

Pay-as-you-go, flat-rate, and monthly services.
All our clients get access to the extended client features of our website including our client private area, PSDP, online computer inventory, and much more! Add Prestwood to your company's information technology department.

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Our government & schools industry assessment will assess...

  • local network setup and connectivity
  • computer workstation performance
  • network security issues
  • workstation security issues
  • software and email setup
  • backup strategy
  • emergency plans
  • website design, code, SEO, and usability
  • and more...

Assessment Tools

Prestwood IT engineers use a combination of powerful specialized hardware in combination with high performance analytical software to identify and record defective packets and packet fragments which help to diagnose sources of network errors for troubleshooting purposes. Using this process first to identify then to quantify systems performance allows us to reliably and effectively inform you of your networks health, status and needs.

Public Sector Consulting

W e serve the public sector. Located in Citrus Heights (near Sacramento CA), Prestwood is CMAS certified and small business certified with the state of California. We work with schools and city and state government. Our clients range from Cornell University, to the City of Chicago, to the state of California.

Application Development

Public Projects

Our state government clients include CA Department of Health, CA Department of Forestry, CA State Senate, NY Port Authority, and Kansas Department of Social & Rehab Services.

Prestwood is CMAS Certified

Prestwood is CMAS certified by the state of California. Our CMAS contract number is 3-00-70-01185-A. This allows us to bid on state of California government contracts.

As a CMAS contractor, Prestwood provides IT consulting services in the following areas:
  • Consulting - IT Project Management
  • Consulting - IT Requirements Analysis
  • Consulting - System Analysis
  • Consulting - IT System Design
  • Consulting - Software Design
  • Consulting - Database Design
  • Consulting - Application Development
  • Consulting - Software Development
  • Consulting - System Development
  • Consulting - System Integration
Prestwood is Small Business Certified

Prestwood currently retains small business status with the state of California. Certified by the Department of General Services (DGS). Our reference number registered with the Office of Small Business Certification & Resources (OSBCR) is 0020608. This certification is valid from 4/11/2000 through 03/31/2001Proof of registration is available upon request.

City and County Work

Prestwood works with various cities and counties all over the US including the City of Chicago, Roseville Traffic Research & Analysis, and Ventura County Solid Waste Management Department. 

Federal Government Work

Prestwood is currently seeking their GSA. We hope to have our GSA completed by July 2001. Our federal government clients include Vandenberg Air Force Base.

School Systems

Prestwood works with various schools from elementary to Ivy league schools. Our school client list includes Merced College, University of Washington, and Cornell University.

Public Sector

  • CA Association for Health Services at Home
  • CA Chamber of Commerce
    Emp Handbook - Content Mgr
  • CA Dept of Forestry
  • CA Dept of Health Services
  • CA Regional Fire & Rescue
  • CA Republican Senate Caucus
  • CA Sac Metro Fire District
  • Colorado Dept of Public Safety
  • County of Eldorado (CA)
  • IL Dept of Cultural Affairs/Gallery 37
  • IL Dept of Natural Resources
  • Truckee Sanitary District in CA
  • Vandenberg AFB Fire Dept in CA
  • ...many more!


The following are a few of the schools we've built software to track data including student data, administration info, etc.

  • Merced College in CA
  • Sunrise Montessori School
  • UC Davis Student Housing
  • UC Davis
  • Weill Medical College Cornell University
  • ...many more!
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