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Prestwood IT Company Profile

Your TECHNOLOGY partner!

Prestwood IT Solution is your full service technology partner. We provide a complete line of I.T. services including computer tech support, website services, and coding. We keep you going, and help you leverage technology for a competitive edge in your industry. In addition to hourly work, we offer discounted monthly plans to manage your network and servers as well as your website. We manage your technology so you can focus on your business.

We are a small business located in Citrus Heights, CA with  a staff of 21. Each professional specializes in coding, web services, or computer support. With our extended family, we do have the ability to staff-up for larger projects. Since 1984, Prestwood IT has focused on leading and emerging technologies and we have won the Best of Citrus Heights 7 years in a row!

Prestwood IT Solutions, formerly Prestwood Software,  works with both the private and public sectors. In the private sector, we have worked with the largest companies in the world and small businesses including multi-billion dollar companies like Barrick Industries, Aon, and Hartford as well as smaller companies such as Webroot Software, Sierra Computer Solutions, Sunrise Systems, and many others. As a CMAS certified and Small Business certified CA company, we have done business with the state of CA including the CA HHSDC (OSI), CA Dept of Health, CA Dept of Fire & Forestry, CA State Senate, and many others.

Since 1984, Prestwood IT Solutions has focused its efforts in leading and emerging technologies and has become a leader in software development process. Based in Sacramento, California, Prestwood caters to companies wishing to outsource some or all of their IT needs, with or without knowledge transfer. Prestwood IT Solutions services include new application development, application conversions, and maintenance coding.

Prestwood IT Solutions has built many software programs including business database applications and commercial software targeting various platforms including Win32 applications, DotNet framework, browser applications, PocketPC, and cross-platform development. Software development tools include Visual Studio.Net, Delphi for Win32, Java, PHP, and ASP Classic as well as legacy coding with C, C++, Visual Basic, and Visual FoxPro. Desktop database development includes Paradox and Access.

The brothers Brian and Mike Prestwood lead the team of Prestwood developers and have contributed to the industry including six programming books, many articles, and are the primary contributors to the Prestwood Computer Community located at The brothers have chaired several local user groups including Paradox for Windows, Delphi, MS Access, Visual Basic, and Visual Studio.Net user groups. Mike Prestwood developer our family of websites at and and built our PSC ASP Framework (our ASPSuite product for building member-based websites). Brian Prestwood built our PSC .Net Framework which we use to build robust n-tier database applications.

Roughly, 90% of Prestwood clients reside outside of California and come from both the private and public sector. In addition to the wide range of government entities Prestwood has done work throughout the US, it was granted a California Small Business and California Multiple Award Schedule certification in 2000. CMAS certification comes after much scrutiny and review of the companies applying for approval. Through its CMAS certification status Prestwood has secured contracts with many states including California, Colorado, and others.

Best practice approaches employed by Prestwood for project development include object orientation methods, the Prestwood IT Solutions Development Process (PSDP), our PSDP Online database for managing projects remotely, Prestwood IT Solutions Architecture, and Prestwood Coding Convention (PCC).

In addition, Prestwood is a provider of Internet services and commercial software products. They develop and distribute useful products including psSendMail, Writing Suite, PrestoEdit, ATIS, and Workbench for Paradox. By providing Internet hosting services and commercial products, Prestwood uniquely understands the big picture from software creation to marketing.

Prestwood prides itself in its ability to attract skilled and talented software developers. Aside from the allure of working with leading and emerging technologies, employees welcome the opportunity to work with an easy-to-use and flexible software development process and our PSDP Online tracking database -- these practices ensure the success of their efforts. The Prestwood IT Solutions Development Process has been equally alluring to companies looking to outsource projects. The majority of larger projects taken on by Prestwood result from clients who have reviewed PSDP and have found it to be conceptually sound and adaptable to their projects. However, regardless of the size of a project, the tools of PSDP are incorporated. Prestwood IT Solutions firmly believes that the solidity of our process has played a major role in delivery of on-time company specific solutions that meet its client's expectations.

Our PSDP process provides a powerful, repeatable, and cost effective tool for delivering high quality software for you. We use in-house programmers along with your staff.

About My Tickets, My PSDP, and Enterprise Modeling
Our PSDP Online database offers you visibility into the work we're doing for you through your My Tickets page. If a task grows into a project, we use our extended PSDP Online  features to document and track your project. This online database tracks tasks, requirements, test scripts, builds, test results, defects, etc. If our relationship grows into a long term partnership, we offer enterprise modeling that ties together multiple applications and multiple projects. This online database serves as a permanent knowledge base for the work we do for you. Also, you have full access to this database so you can add and edit information yourself which can save both time and money.

Prestwood IT Solutions can guide your software development efforts
through the difficulties of building state of the art software!

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