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  From the July 2008 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Interactive Paradox: Getting Going:
Overview of Paradox's Project Viewer
Posted 12 years ago on 6/17/2008
Take Away: Getting the most out of Paradox's Project Viewer.


Paradox's Project Viewer allows you to work with your data and Paradox tables effectively. It uses aliases to group files together into projects. You can have one alias for one set of data and another for another set. For example, if you have a set of tables, forms, queries, and reports that center around your home assets (your home inventory of items) and a set for a coin collection, you might setup a :Home: and :Coins: aliases. With the project viewer you can easily select either set of files. Even if you are just working with one set of files, the Project Viewer allows you to view just forms, or just reports, etc.

Show The Project Viewer

If the Project Viewer is not currently showing or is behind a Paradox object (like a form or report), you can display it. To display the Project Viewer, select the Project Viewer Icon icon from Paradox's toolbar.

Project Viewer Open

In the top left corner of the project viewer is a drop-down box that lists directories. You can use your own directory that will contain the tables, form, reports, charts, etc., you create (the default directory for this is called the Working directory). Use the drop-down box to find the directory you want.

Paradox's Project Viewer

Project Viewer Features:

Left Side Panel:

  • Click an icon on the left panel to choose the type of object you want to see. You can also use SHIFT + click and CTRL + click to select multiple icons (types of files).
  • Right-click an icon in the left panel to access the New and Open commands.

Right Side Panel:

  • Right-click anywhere but on an icon on the right panel to arrange files or change the Project Viewer view.
    Arrange Paradox's Project Viewer
  • Right-click an object in the right panel to display a sub-menu of commands (options vary depending on object type selected).
  • Double-click a file to perform the default action (usually Open).
  • Drag a file to the Paradox desktop to perform the default action (usually Open).
  • Drag a file from the right panel into Windows Explorer and into applications that support OLE 2.0 to copy or embed them there.
  • Specify an object type that doesn't have an icon by clicking the Custom icon and entering a file specification, such as *.TXT or *.EXL, in the text box.
  • Tip: You can add shortcuts (references) to files that are not in your working or alias folder to the Project Viewer (refer to the Paste Shortcut option in the figure above).

Use the Project Viewer to Change your Working Directory

Use the drop down box in the top left corner to select an alias, and click the Set Current Directory as Working Directory button to change your working directory.

Change working directory in Paradox.

That's it! try out the various features of the Project Viewer to get familiar with it.


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