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Paradox 14 Is Paradox 11 SP2


Does Paradox X4 have any new features over X3?


No, Paradox X4 (version 14) is Paradox 11 with SP2 applied (build There is no version 12, 13, or 14. In fact, no new features since version 10. Version 11 does have some significant bug fixes though and SP2 has even more fixes. Also, there are lots of rumors that Corel will release a patch for Paradox 11 soon that will address the Vista problems many users are struggling with.

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I'm running Paradox 8, any reason to upgrade? WP Office 11 Pro had a trial, but X4 Pro has no trial for download. Any mirrors or sites with an old copy of the WPO11TBYB.EXE trial download?

I see that I can buy stand-alone Corel® Paradox® 10 (version on eBay, but I guess such offers may be pirated even if the seller has an image of legality by adding sales tax for some locations. 


Posted 12 years ago

Comment 2 of 9

Since Paradox 9 runs the best on Vista you can upgrade to that. If and when Corel releases a patch for Paradox 11/12/13/14 that fixes the Vista issues then I would upgrade to the latest at that time. Until then, I think it is best NOT to upgrade.

As for the boot-leg copy on eBay, I would not buy that ever because it is illegal and may have a virus embedded in it.

Posted 12 years ago

Comment 3 of 9

As for the boot-leg copy on eBay

AFAIK, that guy is in Germany, and is selling legal copies of Paradox.. in Europe, Corel does sell stand-alone copies of 10 and 11.. however, I have never purchased a copy from his, so I can't vouch for him..

Posted 12 years ago

Comment 4 of 9

You know I've heard that a few times now so fair enough. Perhaps it's a good source but I haven't been able to verify it exists! Do you or anyone else have a product home page or store page where one can purchase it or get more info? I've looked as best I could through Corel's Germany website (and others) and can't find mention of it.

Posted 12 years ago

Comment 5 of 9

Perhaps it's a good source but I haven't been able to verify it exists!

can't verify that the seller exists, or that stand-alone Paradox exists?.. the European members of the Paradox community forum have confirmed that Corel Europe offers stand-alone Paradox, many times.. but all that really means is that you avoid a handful of Corel-default folders during installation..

Posted 12 years ago

Comment 6 of 9

>>...avoid a handful of Corel-default folders...

Ok, thanks. More important to me is the impression left with clients. If you can buy Paradox stand-alone, then it appears to be a more valid development environment. As you said, not a big deal though. Also, X3 and I assume X4 offer stand-alone installations from the CD so it's a bit easier to avoid having to install anything WPO.

Posted 12 years ago

Comment 7 of 9

Oh, almost forgot, you probably know this but for others looking, with X3 and I hope with X4, you can copy either the Paradox or Runtime installation folder from the CD to a network and install from there. For example, on our installs network drive, we have the following two folders for new developers.

  • \Corel\Paradox 11 with SP2
  • \Corel\Paradox 11 Runtime with SP2

Each developer still needs a valid product key, which I keep in my office, but it does help with installation and re-installation. For me, this lessons the need to sell Paradox separately but for other reasons still hope Corel will return to offering Paradox separately (here in the U.S.).

Posted 12 years ago

Comment 8 of 9


Posted 9 years ago

Latest Comment
Comment 9 of 9

Is the FTP server down? Can't download the paradox runtime or SP2 for paradox 11

Posted 5 years ago
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