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  From the May 2014 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Chapter 26: Introduction to Paradox for Linux
Posted 12 years ago on 2/24/2008
Take Away:

Chapter 26 by Mike Prestwood from the book WordPerfect Office 2000 for Linux: The Official Guide. First published June 2000 by Osborne-McGraw/Hill. ISBN 0-07-212238-2.


Chapter 26: Introduction to Paradox for Linux 

Paradox for Linux is a database management system (DBMS) included with the Deluxe version of WordPerfect Office 2000 for Linux. If you don�t have the Deluxe version of the Linux suite, you can purchase Paradox for Linux separately from any software outlet. In the Office for Linux suite you use WordPerfect to write letters, Quattro Pro to crunch numbers, Presentations to create slide shows, and Paradox to store and manipulate data. Although you could use WordPerfect for simple number crunching, Quattro Pro is a better tool for crunching numbers. Similarly, although you can use Quattro Pro to store a small amount of data, Paradox is a better tool for this purpose. For example, in Quattro Pro you could easily store one set of data, such as a list of customers. But if you wanted to also store customer orders, link them to your customer records, and display them in one form, Quattro Pro won�t fit the bill. Paradox can easily link many tables together and display them on a single, easy-to-use form.

More Info

Article:  Chapter 27: Designing Your Database With Paradox for Linux
Article:  Chapter 28: Using Forms and Queries in Paradox for Linux
Article:  Chapter 29: An ObjectPAL Primer for Paradox for Linux


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First Comment
Comment 1 of 6

Hi.  Thanks for writing these chapters!  I am grateful for your work and hope that you or someone may shed some light on my confusion - not about your work but about some related things:

1.  If it's WP Office 2000, How come it didn't come out until 2007 or 8? (Or was that just the book?).

2.  From time to time over the last year or so, I have gone on some of your Paradox forums to either read or ask about the possibility of Paradox on linux.  Seems like the only answer everywhere went something like "try Wine;  but don't hope for too much".  Now here comes this suite and a book, seemingly out of the blue.  What have I been missing?

Hope my questions don't offend you or anyone;  but I'd like to get up to speed on this info if possible.



Posted 11 years ago

Comment 2 of 6

Hi Fred,

I can clear up the confusion. These chapters were first published by Osborne-McGraw/Hill in June of 2000 (take-away above updated to clarify). Corel stopped selling the Paradox for Linux software package and their entire Linux line right after Bill Gates gave $110 million to Corel. Coincidence? Maybe, just sure looked funny. No support nor development since.

Whenever someone mentioned "try wine" in the past they were likely referring to that version which is the version these chapters cover. Wine is a Linux Windows emulator and Corel "cleaned up" Paradox for use with it. That's the focus of the Paradox for Linux product.

Posted 11 years ago

Comment 3 of 6

Sorry for the delay in replying - it's a long story.  I am gradually converting from Windows XP to Linux/Ubuntu and have converted most files with the exception of Paradox.  I am not looking forward to converting all my Pdox 10 files (90% Interactive Paradox) to MySQL and so, if there is a possibility  of running Pdox  in Ubuntu, I'd like to try it.  Where can I get a copy of this "Corel-cleaned-up" Paradox (for Windows, I assume?) to run on Wine?

Thanks, Fred

Posted 9 years ago

Comment 4 of 6

Hi Fred,

You can find them on eBay every now and then, but if it was me, and I was looking to get a stable cheap environemtn, I'd get some Windows XP machines, clean them up and use them. It'll work fantastic. For our clients, I recommend going to Windows 7 to stay current, but that's a personal preference.

Posted 9 years ago

Comment 5 of 6

Hi Fred,

Like you I am a long-term Paradox user, in my case since 3.5 DOS and a convert to Linux since five years. I run Paradox 9 in Wine on Ubuntu 11.04/Gnome 2. It works just fine but with only one issue. If you have any international character sets to use in indexed tables, it is a matter of trial and error to get the right combination. Ubuntu uses utf-8 and Windows always had a different idea of what international character sets to use, not to mention Paradox's own interpretation of an extended character set outside its own native OEM set. If you don't get the character sets correct, Paradox will hang with a runtime error when you invoke an index on a table if there are 'foreign' characters that Paradox does not recognise in a field, this seems to include some 'hidden' control characters - there is probably a missing dll that Wine is not providing, which one, and how to find it, is whole different ball game. The good news is that if you don't want include any of the European languages and stick to those in the original Paradox OEM set, then it should work just fine.



Philip Graham
Posted 8 years ago

Latest Comment
Comment 6 of 6

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Posted 70 days ago
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