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  From the February 2016 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Client PSDP Step 1-Discovery:
Starting a Project with Prestwood IT
Posted 15 years ago on 3/9/2007
Take Away:

The best way to get started is to submit a New Ticket. This ticket will be used to track your project. If you're ready to get started, you can open a support account and optionally pre-pay for some development hours.


Starting Your Project
To start a project with Prestwood, we first need to define the scope as a task or project.

  • Task Oriented Work: Includes very small projects and maintenance work such as fixing a bug, adding a few features, database imports, and upgrades (for example moving from Delphi 6 to Delphi 7 or Visual Studio.Net 2003 to 2005).
  • Project: Includes building new software and larger maintenance such as adding more than a few features.

If you have task oriented work for us, see task oriented work below. If you have a project for us, see The Team Approach below.

Task Oriented Work
For task oriented work, simply open a support account online now. That will notify Mike Prestwood automatically who will then assign a developer to you and the two of you can get started.

Note If you have any questions about your task(s), our developers, task oriented work, or our support account, call Mike Prestwood at 916-726-5675 x205 (leave a message if you're calling after hours -- we're in PST near Sacramento, CA).

The Team Approach
During this process, you will work with Mike Prestwood to do the following:

  • Project Scope - How big is your project? Once we understand how big your project is, we can decide on an appropriate tiger team size.
  • Billing Relationship - Most projects we do are on a time and material basis. However, if you have a complete and precise description of deliverables, we will be happy to bid on it. However, the cost of a fixed bid project is ALWAYS higher than a time and material project because we have to pad for all known and unknown risks.
  • Initial Budget - We need to decide on an overall approach. Most of our clients prefer either the Rolling Estimates or Discover Then Build approach.
    • Rolling Estimates: You work with the project manager and pay as you go. You control the budget by working with the project manager and understanding where we are in the process. You can put the project on hold at anytime to review budget and get better estimates for remaining work.
    • Discover Then Build: We complete the project with two budgets. The first budget usually covers just the requirements (what the software does) and minimal design (just enough design to establish an initial budget for the Build step). Optionally, the initial budget can include requirements, a prototype, design, and some proof of concepts (the tough stuff).
    • Phased Approach: We establish an initial budget ONLY for the next phase. At the end of each phase, we work with you to establish an initial budget for the next phase. This can mean as many as 8 initial budgets and with this much stopping and starting can lead to delays and a higher total price.
  • Project Team - After we determine the size of your project, we'll put together a tiger team. Prestwood specializes in tiger team sizes from 1 to 10 resources. To keep cost down, each resource will work on your project only as needed.

Working With Your Project Team
For each project, you and the tiger team put together an approach that works for the entire team including you and your staff. This will include the following decisions:

  • Project Manager - Either a project manager from Prestwood or someone on your staff serving as the project manager.
  • Team Members - How many developers are needed? Do we need a dedicated tester or two? A technical writer?
  • Quality - What quality is desired for this application: Functional or Robust.
  • Tools - What tools will the tiger team use. Prestwood offers many remote tools such as remote version control and defect tracking. What works best for you?

The various roles on the tiger team might include any of the following:

  • Executive Sponsor
  • User Participant
  • Project Manager
  • Architect
  • Developer (Requirements Analyst, Coder, or Tester)
  • Quality Control


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