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From everything that has been written about this exit issue it seems to me that Paradox is attempting to set a Scheduled task during the closing process.  This is failing since it is trying to set a v1 task which will not work in the v2 task scheduler.  Until Corel patches this process we will be stuck with killing paradox.  It would be interesting to see what task paradox is scheduling, unfortunately I am presently stuck with only a Vista box.  It would be possible to import the task into the v2 task scheduler but that would probably not fix the issue with paradox waiting for the task to be set via the api.  If someone can get an xml export of the task paradox is setting I would be gratefull
Posted 14 years ago
Can I install Paradox 10 or 11+ on Windows 7? Vista?
Bottom line is you should skip Vista and either stick with XP or move to Win 7. If you have to use Vista, you might be better off with Paradox 9.
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An interesting an side effect of this is that on an application where the working directory is on a network drive, the project aliases are available to everyone using that directory.  However, the public aliases are not usually shared across the network, unless the users are sharing the same config file for the BDE.  This does not appear to be a very common occurance.
Posted 14 years ago
Project Alias
A project alias, like public aliases, point to a folder. Project aliases are stored in the PDOXWORK.CFG file, which is loaded whenever you change working directories.
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There is also an API available for developers.   I use this for most of  my PDF needs.
Posted 14 years ago
Primo PDF
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Make sure that you have given full permissions to the user on your PC.  Paradox must have read, Write and EXECUTE permissions to the folder containing the .NET file.
Posted 15 years ago
Corel Paradox for Windows on Vista
Does Corel Paradox for Windows run on Vista? If so, are there any issues? What about Windows 7?
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