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Mike Prestwood
1. Carbonite FAQ

Our FAQ list primarily for our clients where we highlight the most important Carbonite questions.

11 years ago, and updated 11 years ago

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Mike Prestwood
2. Carbonite, Add a Backup Extension

To add an extension, right click on a file, select Properties. On the Carbonite tab, check the Back up files of this type (within folders selected for backup) checkbox. Alternatively, you can specify specific files to back up by right clicking the file and selecting Carbonite | Back This Up.

11 years ago

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NE Ohio Computer Guy
3. EaseUS Todo Backup Free Will Image Your Hard Drive

This is a free software utility that will image your disk easily and reliably so you can restore everything and have it look and function exactly the same on a replacement hard drive. It runs on a variety of Windows operating systems.

27 months ago

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