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Wes Peterson
1. EHW Content Manager: Prestwood Portfolio

Employee Handbook Writer, a custom application created by Prestwood for The California Chamber of Commerce, delivers a wealth of crucial legal documents to its end users.

Because of ever-changing legislation and regulations, CA Chamber needs to be able to update EHW's content at least once a year.

EHW Content Manager is a utility Prestwood created to cut this task down to size.

12 years ago

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Wes Peterson
2. Employee Handbook Writer: Prestwood Portfolio

Prestwood specializes in custom business solutions.

Employee Handbook Writer, distributed by the California Chamber of Commerce, was a particularly challenging project with very gratifying results.

12 years ago, and updated 10 years ago
(2 Comments , last by Wes )

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3. Prestwood Provides Development and Support Services for Hahnemann Laboratories, Inc.

Hahnemann Transfers Support of Business Application to Prestwood.

19 years ago, and updated 12 years ago

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