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Bryan Valencia is the author of millions of lines of code and writes for PrestwoodBoards and Visual Studio Journey on-line magazines.

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ASP.NET and SQL Server: Chapter 1: Displaying A Gridview of SQL Server Data

By Bryan.V

This is a quick topic to get you started presenting data in a grid in an ASP.NET web page.

10 years ago
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Computer Industry

How to Create a Crappy Web Site

By Bryan.V

Ok, no one really needs information on how to make the worst possible web site.  This article was written as a guide how not to do a web page for your business.  As a professional web designer I am well-versed in all the nerdy ways required to carve a web site out of solid stone.  What I offer here is a humorous attempt to get you thinking about the things a business needs to consider before creating or redesigning your web page.

10 years ago
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Computer Industry
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