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I have a report that has a tab...
I have a report that has a table on it.  The table is located in the PRIV file.   Object Pal code copies the table from the PrivMaster to the Priv folder and then Data is inserted into the table.  A report has the table on the data module and the table on the report is defined to the table in the PRIV folder.   The report will not print the first row in the table, but all subsequent rows will print.  I moved the data around in the table to make sure that it wasn't a specific piece of data, but  it appears to be only the first row in the table that is omitted when the report is printed.  Run Time property for the table on the report has the YES radio button selected on the Show All Records.  Any idea's of what I can check when the first row of the table will not print?  ,
8 years ago
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fields in reports change on their own
I recently changed one of my computers. It is an HP running XP.  We have been running a particular paradox database for years and started using it on this new computer.  When I go to run a report as soon as I open it paradox changes some of the fields to a date field or sometimes another field.  I go back change the form, save it, it may work one or two times then I might change a filter and presto fields change on their own.  If I run the program on another computer it does not happen.  I have uninstalled paradox twice as well as wordperfect.  even reinstalled word perfect x3 and then upgraded to x4 to see if that had an affect to no avail. I am stumped.  Anyone have any suggestions?
11 years ago
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