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MDE Files/Need Help with path problem
Hey everyone,, New hereBig Grin!, I will post elsewhere not sure if this is all IT or both IT and access, at my job IT manager moved all shared files to a different location example - instead of Ment01 he moved it to Ment04. While doing this there is a folder in there that has a large database and now I cannot log into it keeps giving me an error message saying the path is invalid or typo., , We tried copying it to desktop, and even shortcut does not work????, , When moving MDE files are you suppose to make a replica of the orig before moving it over or is this more an IT issue with permission and IP addresses?, I am the only one that has all requirements to modify, enter ect, everone else is read only, , Please if anyone out there let has any suggestions or ideas let me know, Thanks, Hockey
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