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SRC Volume 2
Volume Two of Sight Reading Complete for Drummers by Mike Prestwood.
SRC Volume 2
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 SRC Volume 2
UPC: 9780976092810 
ISBN: 0-9760928-1-6 
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  • About Volume 2

    Volume 2 of this 3-volume series starts with an introduction to Carpel tunnel syndrome (CTS) along with some stretching exercises then picks up where Volume 1 left off. The exercises of this volume complete the notation and rhythms found commonly in music. Volume 3 explores advanced drum concepts and rhythms.

    • ISBN 0-9760928-1-6

    • By Mike Prestwood

    • List Price $14.95

    • Buy the bundle at a discount -- More Info Best Value!

    Getting the Most Out of this Book

    Most of the exercises in this volume specify both practice tempo and dynamics either in the music (using traditional notation marks) or in the lesson description. It is important to practice the tempos and dynamics specified first, then other tempos as desired. To get the most out of each exercise, play the exercises several times alternating between playing the exercises with a metronome, no metronome, and with the audio files.

    The first time through read the introductory information regarding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome then proceed straight through all 24 lessons in volume two. Start each practice session with a warm up using Appendix A of this volume, and build your chops using Appendix B as written or using one of the variations. As a final exam, learn and perform either solo in Appendix C (you can perform for a fellow drummer, friends, or family).

    Volume 2 Contents

    • Introduction

    • Lesson 1: Switching Beat Group

    • Lesson 2: 16th Notes – “1e” and “1 a”

    • Lesson 3: 16th Notes – “1e a”

    • Lesson 4: 16th Notes - “&a” and “e&”

    • Lesson 5: 16th Notes - “e&a” and “e a”

    • Lesson 6: 16th Notes - “e” and “a”

    • Lesson 7: Triplet Rests

    • Lesson 8: Timing

    • Lesson 9: ¼ Note Triplets

    • Lesson 10: Refining Ruffs

    • Lesson 11: 5/8, 7/8, and 11/8

    • Lesson 12: 16th Notes in 8th Note Time Signatures

    • Lesson 13: 32nd Notes in 8th Note Time Signatures

    • Lesson 14: 16th Note Time Signatures

    • Lesson 15: The Traditional Tie

    • Lesson 16: 6’s and 16th Note Triplets

    • Lesson 17: Refining the Closed Roll

    • Lesson 18: Staccato Crush Roll

    • Lesson 19: Refining Double Strokes

    • Lesson 20: Triple Strokes

    • Lesson 21: 16th Note Triplets in 6/8 and 5/8

    • Lesson 22: Flam Attack Rolls

    • Lesson 23: Accents, Legato Accents, and Rim Shots

    • Lesson 24: Style and Interpretation

    • Appendix A: Warm-Up Set 2

    • Appendix B: Triplet and 16th Note Accent Patterns

    • Appendix C: Snare Solos

    About the SRC Three Volume Series

    This thorough and balanced exploration of rhythm, notation, technique, and musicianship has several purposes. You can use this series as a complete primer to playing orchestral snare or as a precursor to playing rudimental snare, drum set, timbales, or any other percussion instrument that uses drumsticks. Advanced players and professionals can use this fast-paced exploration of their craft to fine-tune their timing and sight-reading abilities and to fill in holes in their education. I have tried to use a practical approach and I hope you find it valuable during your entire career.


    From the author:

    ·   Rhythm – Each lesson introduces new rhythmic elements. I tried to keep a fast pace while providing a thorough exploration. After completing the lessons, you will be equipped to correctly interpret and understand nearly any rhythm. If you play along with the audio files available with this series, your timing will improve and, with consistent practice, you will be able to play nearly anything you want.

    ·   Notation – When appropriate, the lessons include clear explanations and alternative notation styles such as the use of 1-line and 5-line staffs, stems up or down, flams and ruffs with and without ties, and many other commonly occurring variations in drum notation.

    ·   Technique –This series covers most drumstick-based techniques including grip, building chops, flams, ruffs, closed roll techniques, and more. Although most of the technique information is included in “Lesson 1 – Technique”, there are gems of knowledge spread throughout.  All three volumes contain an appendix A and B. In each of the three volumes, appendix A is a warm up and appendix B contains chop building exercises.

    ·   Musicianship – Having the ability to sight-read is one thing, but music notation is just part of the bigger picture. Where appropriate, this series delves into such subjects as interpretation, playing with others, dynamics, tempo, etc.

    While developing these lessons, I strove for a fast pace and an even amount of coverage for each topic. In addition, each lesson is as complete as possible and is as independent from the other lessons as reasonable. This allows you to review a lesson and focus on the topic of the lesson. You will find yourself returning to various lessons throughout your career to review or re-enforce your playing abilities. Some of the lessons serve as excellent reference sources including such lessons as repeats, dynamics, tempo markings, etc.


    You will find supplemental information at the following internet address:

    This is the official website for this series and includes free movies that demonstrate various techniques included in this series as well as related material such as marching snare, drum set playing, and other exercises.

    Download the MP3 Audio Files

    In order to perfect your timing and ability to play at various tempos, you need to hear the rhythms and play along with them. Free MP3 audio files for the lessons in this series are available for download. You can play them on your computer, download them to your MP3 player, or burn them to CD. Get the files now at

    Here is a guide to the file naming convention:

    ·   1-Lesson + ## + Ex + ## + ### BPM = The exercise(s) at the given tempo. This will either be snare only, or snare and bass, depending on the exercise.

    ·   Bass = If “Bass” is indicated, then this version is the bass drum only part, which is helpful with learning to play along with other instruments.

    ·   Click = If “Click” is indicated, then this version is a click track at the given tempo. These versions are particularly helpful with the time switching exercises.

    ·   Check = If “Check” is indicated, this version contains a rhythmic check pattern. This is particularly helpful with the timing and accent exercises.

    Online Message Board

    Post your questions and comments on our message board.

    Online Teacher Guide

    An online teacher’s guide is available at


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