Web Programming With ASP and COM
by Addison-Wesley
By Matt J. Crouch
Web Programming With ASP and COM
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 Web Programming With ASP and COM
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Active Server Pages (ASP) and the Component Object Model (COM) are two exciting technologies that are quickly making the developing of mission-critical Web applications easier than ever. ASP, with its simple scripting languages and well designed Web object model, is easy to learn. COM is a bit more complex, but is the most widely used standard for distributed reusable software components. Together, ASP and COM provide programmers with the tools necessary to develop applications for e-commerce, messaging, and database front ends.

Web Programming with ASP and COM emphasizes the importance of both technologies in an easy-to-read tutorial format. This book covers the fundamental concepts of ASP and COM, and quickly gets the programmer up to speed buidling web  applications.

Key topics include:

  • Basics of Active Web programming
  • The VBScript programming language
  • Fundamentals of ASP and the debugging of applications
  • Working with databases and ActiveX Data Objects
  • Automation
  • Introduction to COM objects and the Active Template Library (ATL)
  • Introduction to Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS), Active Directory, and Microsoft Message Queues
  • Securing ASP applications

This thorough, approachable resource shows you the power and flexibilty of using ASP and COM together. If you are a Web application developer looking for a down-to-earth introduction to the construction of ASP Web applications using COM components, you need this book.

The accompanying CD-ROM includes extensive code examples used in the book, along with compiled, ready-to-run COM components.


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