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Mastering Delphi 5
by Sybex
Mastering Delphi 5 By Marco Cantu- The Ultimate Delphi Resource For New And Experienced Developers A
Mastering Delphi 5
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 Mastering Delphi 5
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  • by Marco Cantu

    Topics covered: Delphi 5 IDE features and tips, object-oriented programming in Delphi, class design, late binding, run-time type information, advanced object Pascal: method pointers, class references, exceptions, Delphi interfaces, VCL properties, methods and events, advanced standard components, menus, owner-draw controls, ListView and TreeView controls, Delphi forms, toolbars, ControlBars, scrolling forms, splitting forms, dialog boxes, message boxes, about boxes and splash screens, PageControls and TabSheets, MDI applications, database applications and BDE, data-aware controls, grids, the Data Module Designer, Data Dictionary and SQL Builder tools, master/detail records, extending DBGrid, transactions, client/server programming, SQL basics, triggers and procedures, ADO database programming how-to, building VCL and ActiveX components, building DLLs, COM basics, Automation and ActiveX, multithreading and synchronization techniques, debugging tips, Windows resources, printing, file I/O, the clipboard, Delphi Internet programming: HTML, ActiveForms, WinInet APIs, CGI, ISAPI/NSAPI, WebBroker applications, multitiered databases with MIDAS, using MTS and CORBA.


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