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Printing from DBGrid
Hi all, , I have two forms .... the first one I used ADOQuery to search the Table and put the result in the DBGrid at the same form, when I press the button I should see the result of searching in the second form in the QReport ., any Idea ???? Confused Roll Eyes Big Grin! , , Thanx
Posted to MB Topic: Delphi Single User Apps « Delphi Board
16 years ago
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16 years ago
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Printing Error
I recently sent a project designed in P9 to friend and he is now using P11. He gets this error message when printing 1 type of report. The report is a multi page the error does not show in reports delivered in P11. Is there anyway I can get around this error without re devloping the report.  It is very tedious and time consuming report to design. Report: Layout settings(Page size,paper orientation) have been changed within the print dialog. This will require each page to be regenerated. This can take a long time for large reports. Do you wish to continue? Cheers Bill
Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Reports « Paradox Board
16 years ago
1 Reply:

if you're using reportprintinfo to set up your print job, this might help repInfo.PanelOptions = PrintClipToWidth but that error can come from a variery of random sources.. sometimes you get that error, sometimes not
16 years ago
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Paradox 11 not printing to network printers
I have just re-installed my Paradox 11 on a Windowsx64 laptop and I cannot get it to print reports from Paradox reports themselves. However, they work perfectly if I call them up from a form in objectPAL. When I just try to print in a new Paradox sessionm I get a dialogue box that says: Printer interface setup error/ LCAppPrint Initialize failed!  Then Windows 10 just closes the program. I'm not all that good with finding out where my problem lies. Could anyone point me to some solution, please? Tony
Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Reports « Paradox Board
16 years ago
11 replies. Last post:

most of the examples I can think of, for my recent apps, the print-to-pdf is being triggered manually.. but others are surely doing it in code, and I'm not seeing other instances of pdf failure being mentioned on the various forums also, Brother printers aren't so "standard" thesee days.. you never know....
16 years ago
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Printing Issue when migrating from Paradox 8 to 11
Greetings, We used a pushbutton method on a form to print a report in Paradox 8 and Windows 7.  Upon upgrading to Paradox 11 the report began failing with a "#Bitmap7 is too big to fit in report." error.
  • #Bitmap7 is a full-page 8.5x11 image
  • The error is printer independent, and fails even with a PDF printer
  • The report still works fine on any printer if you open the report and print directly from that
  • Shrinking the image and placing it in the middle of the page solved the problem too
  • Recucing the file size dramatically didn't help if left at 8.5x11
  • It must be that Paradox 11 is trapping an error based on image size that Paradox 8 didn't.  Is there any way to prevent it from doing this, or to tell the method to ignore the error and print anyhow? Might there be anything else obvious that I am missing? Thanks!
Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Reports « Paradox Board
16 years ago
10 replies. Last post:

{Too Long!}
16 years ago
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Marcus Davis
Paradox 9 Printing Error
Has anyone received the error shown below when trying to print from Paradox 9? If so, how do I get rid of it? , , /// Print Interface Setup Error ////, PFPS Initialized failed!, , Thanks,, Marcus
Posted to MB Topic: ObjectPAL « Paradox Board
16 years ago
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Posted to KB Topic: P9 Book: Power Programming
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