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New Start Posts

"New Start" Message Board Posts

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New year new start, welcome to buy New World Coins
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15 years ago
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New Start in 2022, Enjoy Best Offer of WOW TBC Gol
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15 years ago
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"New Start" Knowledge Base Posts

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1. General Info About CBD

 Cannabidiol oil, or CBD oil for short, is steadily gaining popularity, and there are more and more companies offering this and other various products containing hemp extract. What is CBD oil good for, how to choose where to buy it, is it safe, are there any legal restrictions? Those are the important questions, and this website was created specifically to answer them and many more. You will find brief answers below, and the more detailed information is available in our reviews of the companies that manufacture and sell CBD products. Providing trustworthy feedback and an overview of such websites is our primary goal.
What Does CBD Do?
CBD has many applications due to its soothing properties, similar to other cannabinoids but without any consequences of psychoactive nature. In other words, it won’t make you high. So, this is basically the answer to the question “Is CBD oil safe?” People are using it to treat chronic pains, sleep disorders, anxiety, diabetes, and other conditions. One of the benefits of this extract is that it can be ingested in various ways, and you can choose which one is the most convenient for you and brings the best results.
If you are wondering how to use CBD oil for pain, there are several options. You can take it directly by putting a certain number of drops under your tongue or as a supplement in your regular food. Since companies usually offer tinctures available in various flavors, it makes perfect sense that one would want to try them as is, as well as mix them with some other food or drinks.
Other popular CBD oil uses are possible due to it being produced as vape juice, gummy bears, topicals, pet treats, sprays, etc. There seems to be no end to creativity in terms of delivering cannabinoid products to customers, and the effects can be quite different, so before you go and order all the available options to test on your own, look for our reviews to see whether it makes sense to do so with a particular company.
Is CBD Oil Legal?
Another thing many people who are interested in CBD would like to know is whether it is legal to sell and buy those products, especially in those states where marijuana is illegal. If you visit sites that have CBD oil for sale, you will notice that most of them offer delivery to all 50 states of the US. How is that possible then?
To answer this question, we first need to learn how is CBD oil made. Not the entire process, no. All you need to know is that there are three types of cannabinoid products:
⦁ those that contain strictly CBD are called isolate and are legal in all states;
⦁ full spectrum oil contains THC among other cannabinoids, only allowed in states where marihuana is legalized;
⦁ broad spectrum oil is almost identical to the previous type, only it lacks THC (or its content is within the allowed percentage of 0.3%), which also makes it legal in all states.
Where Can I Find the Best CBD Oil Prices?
Besides the specific cannabinoids in the product, it’s crucial to know that there are no other substances, and the purity levels are observed. Unfortunately, the industry is relatively new and not regulated yet, therefore, how can you know that the CBD oil for anxiety you bought on the website promising high potency at lower prices is real?
Companies that are concerned about their reputation and are really eager to provide high-quality CBD oil conduct third-party lab testing and make it possible for everyone to check the results for testing that batch on the Internet. What should you do if you don’t quite understand those results?
That’s what we are here for. We have people with medical background and working experience who will make sense of it all and provide the conclusion for our reviews. So if you need CBD for sleep deprivation, depression, or other relevant issues, you can start by reading our reviews and feedback left by other customers. Trust us, you will be buying your own CBD products from reliable manufacturers in no time.

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29 months ago
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Coding & OO

Mike Prestwood
2. New Website
New Website: Using our pre-purchased pro-level tools including WordPress, Elementor Pro ($49/yr value), Astra Pro theme ($59/yr value), Ultimate Add-ons ($69/yr value), Elementor Extras (single=$33.50/yr value), Piotnet Addons for Elementor ($35/yr value), Essential Addons for Elementor ($29.97/yr value), and LoginPress Startup ($75/yr value).
Plus, you get updates to these tools as long as we maintain the website. Updates are applied monthly when the website is on our maintenance plan; otherwise, we apply updates whenever we work on your site.
Plus, stock images, videos, graphics, and templates are licensed to your specific website--1x lifetime license ($198/yr value).
Total per year tools value=$512.47. We can bring this value to you at no additional cost because we‘ve spent thousands on unlimited per year licensing. If you close your account with us, your website continues to work forever. If you want updates to the tools we used, you can go directly to the various vendors or ask us for help.

Plan Upgrades:
Maintenance Plan ($225/mo) add
Posted to KB Topic: Web & Marketing Services Info
35 months ago

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Prestwood IT Solutions

Julia Bertschinger
3. Teaching old thumbs new tricks - Tech Writing Blog

When I took a typing classs (not a keyboarding class, and yes, I know that dates me) I was taught that words had one space between them and sentences had two spaces in between them. Therefore, my thumbs, whose only job was to hit the space bar, learned that when a period was the last key typed, they had to hit the space bar twice instead of only once. They were good at this and were quite proud of their skill.

Now the rules have changed. The convention, especially for�material to be read on a screen, is that sentences have only one space between them. My thumbs have been rebelling. When I type, they want to put TWO spaces after a period. When I am typing something formal, in addition to checking my spelling and grammar, I also need to�check how many spaces are between each sentence.

Luckily, my thumbs are starting to adjust, and I am finding fewer and fewer double spaces between sentences. Thumbs can learn new tricks.

Posted to KB Topic: General, Getting Started, etc.
12 years ago, and updated 59 months ago
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Technical Writing

Mike Prestwood
4. 1 of 2, AppName 1.0

Step 1 of 2: Discovery

  • PSDP Feasibility Phase: Setup legacy system for coders. Document legacy system using automated tools.
  • PSDP Requirements Phase: Identify forms and reports to convert. Document terms, actors, and identify use cases. Identify enhancements (if any). Identify tables in use.
  • PSDP Design Phase: Build new database. Initial screen design mockup. Document business rules and additional documentation of use cases.

Step 1 deliverables usually include a project plan for the Step 2 of 2 build-it phase which serves as the requirements, a new database, and a GUI mockup. Each form and report becomes a task in step 2 of our 2-step process along with other known tasks such as build data migration program, build MVC Shell Application, user subsystem, and admin forms for maintaining users, lookup tables, etc.

Step 1 of our 2 step approach is used to start a project with discovery. Step 2 is build. The goal of discovery is to document known requirements, some initial design, and a project plan. Step 1 of our 2 step includes at least the following tasks: Gather Requirements, Build GUI Mockup, and Create the Initial Database. The Requirements task becomes the project plan for step 2, Build.

Discovery can include additional tasks such as documenting an existing application, data cleanup, and even a task or two from the initial coding phase such as implementing our Prestwood ASP.Net MVC shell which includes some initial design, and member management.

If this ticket is not authorized, the printed version of the Project Plan is the Project Proposal for Discovery. Once authorized, the tasks of this project are completed. The requirements task is completed by creating a Step 2 of 2 project ticket which becomes the project plan and/or the proposal for Step 2, Build.

Posted to KB Topic: Coding Services Info
5 years ago, and updated 5 years ago

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Prestwood IT Solutions

Mike Prestwood
5. Prospect, Open New Office

Establish scope of our role with the opening of a new office, discover...

  • cabling needs, start a separate cabling project or integrate with this one
    • # and length of drops
    • materials needed: faceplates, etc.
    • estimate people power (watch for challenges like metal in walls)
  • Are we buying computers? We sell hardware and software, but NOT furniture.
  • Are all vendors lined up?
  • Does the server room need preping? Mini-split?

Time Estimate: Okay to perform up to 4 hours at no charge. Usually used to walk the building. Beyond that, if there are tasks that need to be done prior to proposing or starting an Open New Office project, do them against this ticket or create a new ticket(s). For example, if they want help with vendors such as phone, ISP, and others, that's billable work.

Goal: If client is ready to proceed, create a separate Open New Office project ticket for work not performed under this ticket and propose to client.

Posted to KB Topic: Tech Services Info
5 years ago

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Prestwood IT Solutions
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