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ASPMail Posts

"ASPMail" Message Board Posts

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ASPMail and Exchange Server 2000
I have a question on ASPMail. I want to know if it can coexist with Exchange Server 2000. Currently I use Cdonts for Emails being sent out from our web site but Cdonts do not coexist with Exchange server 2000. Cdont Coexist only with the upgraded version of Exchange 2000 from Exchange 5.5, Now we are installing Exchange 2000 on our server without the upgrade and want to use ASPMail. So i want to know if it can peacefully coexist with Exchange 2000 Server?, , Thanks,, Mallika
16 years ago
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ASPMail component ***Urgent Help****
Hi,, , I have created an asp form which will e-mail data. i am using ASPmail component. the code is right, except remotehost field. i have written, remotehost ="" , the mailer.Send shows that ur mail has been sent, but there is no mail in my inbox., the ISP told that there is a userid and password to send mail.Can u tell me where to insert that?, , he says that his pop3 and smtp address are same., , can u help me, the client is waiting for response.
16 years ago
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ASPMail AddCC function
I am trying to use the ASPMail AddCC function and am unable to. I currently have AddRecipient and AddBCC, which are both working fine. When I added the AddCC the mail will not send now. Here is a cut from my code:, , if (emailrecp <>"") then, Mailer.AddRecipient emailrecp, emailrecp, if ccfunction <>"" then, Mailer.AddCC ccfunction, ccfunction, end if , if emailbcc <>"" then, Mailer.AddBCC sendername, emailbcc, end if , Mailer.RemoteHost = Application("SMTPMailHost"), Mailer.BodyText = Msg, Mailer.Subject = Sbj, Mailer.SendMail, End If, , The variables are passing the correct values but the email is not being sent. If I removed the AddCC function I added then it works fine, except without the CC address. Do I need a specific version of ASPMail on the server to make this work?
16 years ago
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Hi all., , I have a problem using ASPmail. I atemp to send some html where there is include a picture. The problem is that the picture is not there, when I open the e-mail., , Any help to get?
16 years ago
1 Reply:

make sure it is not a relative link to the image , , , < !-- instead make it like this -->, , This should send the image ok
16 years ago
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