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Visual Basic.Net questions, tips, and suggestions.

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Editing pdf files with VB or
I want to edit the text boxes and check boxes in PDF files with VB, using data from a database and user input. What methods or tools would you suggest? Is there a straightforward way to find the location (address or position in the pdf file) of standard objects in a pdf file? Thank You! Bill
13 years ago
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Vb .net connecting to terradata dbase
Hi does anyone know of any ado .net that can connect to a terradata dbase.I havent tried it yet but I'm not sure sqlclient will work.Terradata is a mainframe dbase not like sql server. Any ideas?
18 years ago
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Thanks Dan. That's probably a better one.
14 years ago
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Dictionary Hebrew/English
I am a beginner in Visual Basic 2005. I have been working on a Hebrew-English dictionary. I used the "If" statement and then the "Select Case" statement but as the dictionary grew bigger it becomes slow "about 15 seconds" looking for the first word. The following words comes very fast when I click "Search". I hope you can give an idea. I read about the Hashtable ..... I don't know, Thank you,
14 years ago
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{Too Long!}
14 years ago
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Ron Byrd
Microsoft Cert Test 70-306, VB.NET Apps
I just passed one of 3 tests leading towards MCAD certification. That test was 70-306, "VB.NET Windows Applications". I'm working on the next one, XML Web Services., The point of this message is 2-fold:, (1) I'd be more then happy to give you my take on how to prepare and what to expect., (2) If you have taken the other 2 tests, XML Services and VB.NET Web Services, I'd love to have a discussion with you.
20 years ago
2 replies. Last post:

I'm not sure how you got your posting attached to this thread, but you should have posted to a new thread.  Based on a quick look at the code there are two issues First, as you thought there should be only one Sub Main() and you cannot have two subs or functions with the same name and signatures.  Second the first Sub Main() does not seem to have an end sub.
14 years ago
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Daniel Fought
SacVBUG (VB SIG) November 21st General Meeting
The title of the Sacramento VB Users Group's (VB SIG) November 21st general, meeting is 'Introduction to Object Oriented Programming' by Sandy Britton., For details and up to the minute info on this event view the VB Users, Group's event calendar..., [URL=][/URL]
22 years ago
1 Reply:

FYI - is no longer in use. It is now, Sacramento Visual Studio Users Group , [URL=][/URL] , , Stay tuned for the Dec. 14, 2004 meeting announcement ...
18 years ago
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javascript and vb .net
Hi! , how can I invoke a javascript function in vb .net winforms?I'm using the webbrowser control.
19 years ago
1 Reply:

you need to render out a call to the function in the html. If you have access to the page object of the webbrowser control, send out the call using Page.RegisterStartupScript
18 years ago
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