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Yep, you should be fine. I'll add that when I do W

Yep, you should be fine. I'll add that when I do W in H-1B Discussion topic (part of our American I.T. Workforce group).

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It's good exp. But the time necessary to find that xp isnt worth it. Im not sure on the level but pickpocketing master farmers is great and theres always a chance of RS gold a fantastic seed such as ranarr. But pyramid plunder would be better. Barrows - I've been looking into doing Barrows recently, and I'll be doing the Slayer Dart method once I begin. What would be some fantastic equipment/inventory tips? Dont know never been sorry.

I haven't been on RS and the forums in ages and I decided to return after life has claimed down. I know this seems like an absurd question, but I have not played in more than 3 decades so forgive me for this , I would like to know something about the wilderness (and I'm sorry if this was asked before). Is the wilderess no longer PvP? I am asking only because I'd love to do exactly the treasure paths back and was wondering when I'd get attacked by players if I input it. Meaning if I move in the wilderness in a non-PvP universe, will I be nice (with the exclusion of the revenants and high level creatures ).

Yep, you should be fine. I'll add that when I do Wilderness hints, I abandon all of armour and guns behind, carrying just my hint, a scoop, and the sextant etc when it is a coordinate clue. If it is a hint where I will need to fight a wizard, I add just a weapon + anti-poison, and use prayer for protection. If trapped by a revenant en-route, I fall all but my hint, my weapon, and my graph (sextant and watch are simpler to replace and/or I can make them in my POH). If I make it there safely, after I've dug up the casket, I DO NOT open itinsteadI fall items if needed to create certain the casket is one of the 3 I'll keep on departure. (Reason for not opening it's the items-kept-on-death assigns more significance to a casket than to a scroll.)

Ok I about to go along with buy5-6 months membership like at roughly 2-3 hours time. I have a list of goals that I truly wish to complete I will start with my most favourte and OSRS buy gold most wanted. Can u just tell me the best way to do each of them... thnaks. Goal1: 99 cooking, I now have 74 cooking and possess enough raws banked for to 84. I want to save as much money as I can. I am considering doing lettuce all of the way like I'll loose around 1.8mill all collectively. I believe I am going to do this at the burthope games room I believe where that banker is standing alongside the fire that never goes out.

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