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report fails to display records

report fails to display records in General Client Board topic (part of our Client Extranet group).

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Columbus, GA --

I recently installed Pdox 9 on a newer machine running XP professional, applied the recommended patches, and copied over an app with all forms, libs, etc developed in Windows 98. All runs fine but one specific report which opens with no records displayed.  I have recreated the underlying table and report in a new directory, but get the same result.  The table structure is as follows:  Day (S), Rank (A1) , Date (D), Team1(A15), Team2 (A15), Team3 (A15), Team4 (A15), Team5 (A15).  The team fields hold the associated playerid.  The report as designed shows the players on each team, ranked A-D, grouped by day (of the event), which it does correctly in Windows98.

In XP, I've recreated the report using the both the expert and with a blank report, but get the same results:  1) I add the table to the report's data model 2) add a table frame to the record bank including the Rank and all of the Team fields.  At this point the data as defined in the tableframe will display.  When however I add a group band to the report on the "Day" field, the key "Rank" values display, but the playerID's assoicated with each team that previously displayed simply disappear in the opened report.  Everything about the report design including the tableframe defintion looks exactly the same, but the open report just shows blanks.

This table is compiled from another "Teams" table with a normal structure (Day, Rank, Team#, PlayerID), and a grouped report based on it runs OK.  The purpose of the compiled table is to support a display of teams in a crosstab format, grouped by day.

I cannot determine what about this particular structure results in this inexplicable behavior.  I would appreciate any suggestions.


I neglected to mention above that the source table was keyed on the "Day" and "Rank" fields.  In the interest of trying everything, I removed the keys from the table and miraculously the missing data now displays in the report as designed.  Why this should matter in XP and not in Windows98 I would love to know.

 Posted 10 years ago (Thread Starter)
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Thread Started 6/8/2011 12:16:16 PM
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