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H-1B Lobbyist OUT OF CONTROL!!!

H-1B Lobbyist OUT OF CONTROL!!! in H-1B Discussion topic (part of our American I.T. Workforce group).

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Mike Prestwood
Prestwood IT
Prestwood IT office in Citrus Heights, CA

Just got the following email. I get lobbied constantly by pro H-1B companies. These companies are taking American jobs away from Americans. They are powerfull and hard to stop.

This is the type of email I get weekly....

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke (1729-1797)


We need your voice. 
 Attend NACCB Lobby Day on Capitol Hill
 April 16-18, 2008

Dear Mike,


You may, or may not be aware, that the National Association of Computer Consultant Businesses (NACCB) has been actively engaged in defending the IT staffing industry's access to the H-1B program.  The recent proposal by Senator Richard Durbin, the Majority Whip (a senior leadership position), would prohibit placement of H-1Bs on an outsourced basis (i.e. IT Staffing), while other types of businesses would continue to have free access to this candidate pool.  In other words, the legislation specifically discriminates against the IT staffing business model (your business).


While the proposal, if enacted, would be devastating to IT staffing companies that rely on H-1Bs, even if you don't place any H-1Bs, efforts to restrict only our industry's access to a program is very troubling.  What other types of restrictions will be imposed on our industry in the future?


If you are concerned about the potential restrictions that may be imposed on your business, I invite you to join NACCB today.  If you join by Tuesday April 7,we will pay your registration fee to attend NACCB's 2008 Lobby Day program.


In advance of Lobby Day, we will arrange your schedule of appointments and completely prepare you for your meetings with elected officials and their staff.  As an added bonus, this year we have partnered with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce America's Small Business Summit to bring you a phenomenal line-up of speakers.  Please click here for the agenda.

Please join fellow owners and executives of IT Services firms by becoming a part of NACCB today. To learn more about Lobby Day and joining our efforts, please contact Joy Juwaynat today at 703-838-2050 x100 or by email hope to see you at Lobby Day.Regards,

Mark B. Roberts, CEO, NACCB
Unable to attend this year? 

Join now, and we will send you all the materials you need to contact your elected officials on issues impacting your business.  

ABOUT NACCB NACCB is the only organization solely devoted to representing IT Staffing and Solutions firms and their employees who are creating a new paradigm for the flexible workforce driving the 21st Century economy.  These firms provide IT staff augmentation, IT solutions, IT project management, and IT consulting services to America's businesses.   NACCB represents almost 400 IT services companies serving as the industry voice for public policy.   NACCB also supports member companies in efficiently delivering high quality services to their clients.  NACCB is headquartered in Alexandria,


1420 King Street, Suite 610, Alexandria, VA 22314

Mike Prestwood
Prestwood IT Solutions

 Posted 13 years ago (Thread Starter)
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About Mike Prestwood

Mike Prestwood is a drummer, an author, and creator of the PrestwoodBoards online community. He is the President & CEO of Prestwood IT Solutions. Prestwood IT provides Coding, Website, and Computer Tech services. Mike has authored 6 computer books and over 1,200 articles. As a drummer, he maintains and has authored 3 drum books. If you have a project you wish to discuss with Mike, you can send him a private message through his PrestwoodBoards home page or call him 9AM to 4PM PST at 916-726-5675 x205.

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Thread Started 3/31/2008 8:37:26 PM
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Location=Prestwood IT office in Citrus Heights, CA 
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-- USA
wow, that email is amazing! when will our government stop subsidizing large corporation and moving money out of america. i hope hillary or obama mean what they are saying and do something about this.
 Posted 13 years ago
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Thread Started 4/24/2008 5:09:32 PM
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Milpitas, CA USA
I just found out that last year after I was terminated for "Budgetary reasons" I was immediately replace with an H1b Worker.  I was a Paratransit Engineer for Outreach and Escort in San Jose California. On top of that one of my friends was part of the conspiracy as he is from Canada on a H1b Visa. It really is a shameful thing that they have done. We let them do it to us.
 Posted 13 years ago
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Reply Posted 4/25/2008 2:51:01 PM
Location=Milpitas, CA USA 
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