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Senior Software Engineer
209 Software
Reason:  work
UserID:  Bryan.V
Sign Up Date:  14 years ago
Last Visit: 56 hours ago
Profile Last Updated:  53 months ago
# of Visits:  2558
Message Board Posts:  23
Knowledge Base Posts:  27
Birthday:  July 8
eMagazine Subscriber:  Yes
About Me:

Bryan Valencia is the author of millions of lines of code and writes for PrestwoodBoards and Visual Studio Journey on-line magazines.

My Personal Message:

I would rather live with false hope than with false despair.

~ Bryan Valencia

Programming Languages: ASP.Net, Delphi, C#.Net, Turbo Pascal, Paradox
Primary Operating Systems: Windows
Other Interests: Database (Oracle, SQL Server)
Old Display Location: Home office in Manteca, CA
PrestwoodBoards Groups
Group Joined Last Visit # of Visits
Pascal and Delphi Coding 14 years ago Hidden Hidden
C# (Visual C# & VS.Net) 13 years ago 10 years ago 5
VB.Net Language 14 years ago Hidden Hidden
Corel Paradox / ObjectPAL Coding 12 years ago Hidden Hidden
Website Design & Hosting 11 years ago Hidden Hidden
Coding & OO 12 years ago Hidden Hidden
DBA, Databases, & Data 12 years ago Hidden Hidden
PM, Process, and PSDP 13 years ago Hidden Hidden
Analysis & UML 13 years ago Hidden Hidden
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