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Steve Green
Myrtle Beach, SC USA

Real Name:  Steve Green
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Company:  Diamond Software Group, Inc.
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Steve Green
RE: Unknown internal operating system error
Also, there is an urban legend   so his [comment] is probably an exageration   no, I've been doing this for about 20 years, and have handled support and problems for probably thousands of people by now.. I don't deal in "urban legends".. and I don't over-state reality and anecdotal history.. you made some good points elsewhere in this thread, but to dismiss expert advice in this manner is rude.. I'll be signing off now..
Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Forms « Paradox Board
11 years ago
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Corel Paradox / ObjectPAL Coding

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> It's over six months since it was revealed that Corel still did not support Paradox under Vista in WPX4...have they fixed this yet? to be honest, it's doubtful that Corel will ever touch Paradox again.. all the people that were associated with it have been gone since 2002..
Posted 13 years ago
WPO X4 Ships! Paradox Still Does Not Support Vista!
According to current information on the official Corel X4 home page, WPO X4 ships with Paradox 11 SP2 and still does not support Vista. Yet.
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you must delete the toolbar files.. see details on Bertil's web site..
Posted 13 years ago
Install Paradox 9 on Windows 7, or even Vista!
Instructions to install Paradox 9 for Windows on Vista.
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I didn't understand your "try to get full locks before you start" suggestion. Wouldn't that lead to roughly the same issues? A full lock prevents other sessions from reading and writing data (and restructuring to be complete). totally different philosophy.. we've both discussed here the pros and cons of the SetBatch logic, which grabs exclusive control while others are in the app.. I prefer the "standard" way of attempting exclusive control.. attempt to get that control *before* beginning the process, so that conflicting access by other users isn't even possible.. the SetBatch process can be a good thing, or it can be a bad thing, depending on knowledge level and implementation.. it is a concept that should only be considered by extremely advanced developers, in very limited situations..
Posted 13 years ago
Speed Up TCursors with setBatchOn()
You can speed up a TCursor in by using update(), setBatchOn(), or copyToArray(). If you use setBatchOn(), make sure to follow it with setBatchOff() every time you use it.
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