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Fonts in Win10 v1809
I just set up Paradox on a new system running the latest ver of Win 10 (1809).  My reports on the new system required a complete revision of the fonts used in the report.  I've been using the same ones for years and the fonts have always migrated to the new system.  This time, however, the fonts are not available in the properties, font drop down for any of the fields in my report.  The fonts are installed in the usual place and are available to the other myriad programs.  I installed Paradox from an X9 disc which I know doesn't make a difference.  I even uninstalled Paradox from the system and reinstalled using the X8 disc in the hope that it would make a difference.  It, of course, did not.  I am using other fonts that provide a similar impact.  But, not the same. Any body have any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Karen
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14 months ago

find it, deleted it.. then kill the registry entries.. usually 3 or 4 of them
9 months ago
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Corel Paradox / ObjectPAL Coding

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RE: Fonts in Win10 v1809
OK.  This was resolved when I set up a new computer and reinstalled PDX over the new install of the OS.  Now, I've put PDX on Server 2016 and cannot figure out where to disable pdxregcl.  Not server savvy at all.
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9 months ago
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Corel Paradox / ObjectPAL Coding
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