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Prestwood IT Newsletter Jan 2016 Issue - Paradox Edition


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  January 2016 - Paradox Edition (1699 of 4,788 subscribers receive this group's content.) Year 18 Issue 1  
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Tech Services Info topic:
New Printer, Local/Wireless
by Eric Prestwood

Setup printer including downloading of latest drivers if needed.

IT Water-Cooler for Power-Users topic:
Stamp Out Spam
by Vicki Nelson

How to fight back against spam and reclaim your inbox. As you may know, the volume of spam messages sent across the Internet has reached epidemic levels. Some industry experts estimate that three out of every five e-mail messages that are sent today are spam. The spam epidemic is costing companies, professionals, and individual users considerable amounts of time, money, and resources.

What is spam, and what can I do about it? Spam is generally defined as an unsolicited mailing, usually sent to many recipients. Most spam is commercial advertising, often for dubious products, get-rich-quick schemes, or quasi-legal services. Spam costs the sender very little to send. Most of the costs are paid by the recipient or the carriers rather than the sender. Some effective methods for preventing your e-mail address from being captured, sold or abused by spammers in the full version of this article. Click the title to read more.

Off Shoring topic:
Off-shoring: You CAN fight back!
by Wes Peterson

Are you fed up with calling a company and finding yourself speaking to somebody in a foreign country? 

I am, and I've just learned of an effective way to fight back, help return jobs to America, and keep them here.

The best part? We don't have to wait for government to do a thing.

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P9 Book: Power Programming topic (classic post):
Power: Chapter 04, An Introduction to ObjectPAL
by Mike Prestwood

Chapter 4, "An Introduction to ObjectPAL" from Paradox 9 Power Programming by Mike Prestwood.

OPAL: Commands topic (classic post):
Cliff's Corner: Improving the Code
by CliffSuttle

Cliff's Corner by Cliff Suttle: Feb/Mar/Apr edition.

 Monthly Paradox Lesson
OPAL: Language Basics Topic:
Code Snippet of the Month

ObjectPAL logical operators:

and and, as in this and that
or or, as in this or that
Not Not, as in Not This

;Given expressions a, b, c, and d:
if Not (a and b) and (c or d) then
  ;Do something.
OPAL: Language Basics Topic:
Definition of the Month: ObjectPAL
ObjectPAL stands for Object Paradox Application Language.

ObjectPAL stands for Object Paradox Application Language. The acronym portion of the name (PAL) comes from the DOS version of Paradox. The term Object was added to the name because ObjectPAL is an object-based event-driven programming environment that is much more advanced then its PAL predecessor.

Paradox & ObjectPAL Topic:
Download of the Month: FreeWheel by Jim Barry
A cuddly tray icon which makes all your apps work with the IntelliMouse scrolling wheel. Two modes of operation are supported. Also, FreeWheel allows you to switch between documents by holding down the control and shift keys while moving the mouse wheel. FreeWheel is free, so dont delay - try it today. You might like it! Requires Microsoft IntelliMouse or equivalent.
Paradox & ObjectPAL Topic:
Resource Link of the Month:
This website is many things to many people.  The members of the community use the community for a wide range of purposes.  Some people come here to get technical support, others come here to share ideas.  Some people just like seeing their name in lights. 
Tool Basics Topic:
FAQ of the Month: Purchasing Paradox

How can I purchase Paradox?


Answer from Corel...

Paradox was not updated from Paradox 10. It was given a new look, but the functionality remains mainly the same. Paradox 11 is available in the WordPerfect Office Professional version and can be purchased through Corel's online store or by calling us [Corel].  Paradox is also available as a standalone if you already own WordPerfect Office, and is [available] through our licensing program.  Within North America, please call 1-800-772-6735, Corel's Customer Support Services, to purchase the Paradox upgrade. We are open from Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 7:00 pm E.S.T. and would be happy to serve you. For customers outside of North America, please visit to locate a Corel Customer Support Services Center nearest you.

OPAL: Language Basics Topic:
Tip of the Month

Before you code in ObjectPAL, ask yourself two questions. Does Paradox already do this? Is there a better and easier way? Remember, simple solutions for simple problems.

Go ahead!   Use Us! Call: 916-726-5675  Or visit our new sales site:

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