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Prestwood IT Newsletter Oct 2015 Issue - Prism Edition


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  October 2015 - Prism Edition Year 17 Issue 10  
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Web & Marketing Services Info topic:
Domain Transfer
by Gerald Renton

Transfer domain to One or more years is added to your domain registration usually at $9.99/year (i.e. .com price). A minimum of only 1 year needs to be added to transfer.

Coding Services Info topic:
Project Management
by Mike Prestwood

Project management. Generally project management ranges from 10% to 30% of a project budget. However, the amount of project management required depends on the project.

IT Water-Cooler for Power-Users topic:
Windows GREP - Great Tool
by Wes Peterson

You know (or think) the file is out there.  You have a pretty good idea about one or two things that are (or ought) to be in it.  Find it fast with Windows GREP.

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Language Basics topic (classic post):
Delphi Prism Custom Routines (method, procedure, function)
by Mike Prestwood

In Prism, everything is within a class (just like with C#, VB.Net, and Java). So you create class methods using the method keyword. Alternatively, you can use procedure or function if you want the compiler to enforce returning or not returning a value.

OOP topic (classic post):
Delphi Prism Class..Object (
by Mike Prestwood

Declare your class in the Interface section. Then implement the class in the Implementation section. To create an object instance, use the New keyword. Optionally, you can use Create for backword compatibility with Delphi if you turn it on in the compatibility options. Since Prism does have a garbage collector, you do not have to free the object. If you need to free either unmanaged resources or resources where "timing" is important, implement IDisposable and take control of freeing the object yourself using Dispose.

 Monthly Prism Lesson
OOP Topic:
Code Snippet of the Month

Prism supports a full suite of member modifiers. Prism virtuality modifiers are virtual, override, final, and reintroduce. Prism general modifiers are abstract, empty, async, external, locked, unsafe, implements, and iterator. Not all member types support all member modifiers. For example, member fields support only readonly and implements.

Cyborg = public class(System.Object)
  method Speak(pMessage: String); virtual;

Series888 = public class(Cyborg)
  method Speak(pMessage: String); override;
Language Basics Topic:
Resource Link of the Month: Delphi Prism Syntax compared with Win32 Delphi

This page provides a summary of Delphi Prism syntax differences for customers familiar with Win32 Delphi.

Tool Basics Topic:

How close is the syntax for Delphi for Win32 and Delphi Prism?


Pretty close. You will definately be comfortable but there are differences. Delphi Prism includes a "compatibility" switch you can use that will enable certain "Delphi for Win32" language features so you can increase your comfort level. This option can be set on a per-project basis as part of the project options tab.

Although I'm just getting started, I will be documenting differences in my Delphi and Prism Cross Reference Guide. This guide will help when you switch from one language to the other.

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