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Prestwood IT Newsletter Sep 2015 Issue - Coder Edition


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Tech Services Info topic:
HD Data Recovery, Send Away
by Mike Prestwood

DriveSavers Partner. After our recovery attempts, offer to send to DriveSavers or equivalent. Price ranges from $500 to $1,500.

IT Water-Cooler for Power-Users topic:
How To Configure Auto Logon In Windows 7
by Eric Prestwood

Configure your computer to auto log on to a user (even an admin)

Role-Based Tech Talk topic:
Crash, Bomb, Hang, and Deadlock
by Scott Wehrly
This article explores and defines the following terms: crash, bomb, hang, deadlock, exception, fatal error, and blue screen of death.

American I.T. workforce topic:
Sharpening your skills - A short story
by Ramesh R
Here is a short story about a woodcutter and his job. From this job, we have lot of learnings that implies to our career and sharpening our skills. Such examples in life are very important for shaping our career. Enjoy the short story.

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Borland Database Engine topic (classic post):
How to check what BDE version is installed.
by Mike Prestwood

Q. I've updated my BDE from version 5.01 to version but the About BDE Administrator dialog still shows version 5.01?

A. Your update may have taken. Updates typically just replace the DLLs the BDE uses so you may have the latest installed.

Version Information
To see what version of the BDE engine you "actually" have installed, you need to look at the Version Information from within the BDE Administrator. Select Object | Version Information... to see the DLL version numbers

Programming topic (classic post):
Control Structures, and Recursion
by Sam.H

Control Flow in a Computer Program: Sequential, Conditional, Iteration.  Also has an introduction to Recursion.

 Monthly Coder Lesson
Object Orientation (OO) Topic:
Definition of the Month: Interface

An element of coding where you define a common set of properties and methods for use with the design of two or more classes.

Both interfaces and abstract classes are types of abstraction. With interfaces, like abstract classes, you cannot provide any implementation. However, unlike abstract classes, interfaces are not based on inheritance. You can apply an Interface to any class in your class tree. In a real sense, interfaces are a technique for designing horizontally in a class hierarchy (as opposed to inheritance where you design vertically). Using interfaces in your class design allows your system to evolve without breaking existing code.

General Info, Installation, etc. Topic:
Download of the Month: LLBLGen Pro
Object-Relation Mapping & Code-Generator Tool
General .Net Concepts Topic:
Resource Link of the Month: PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008

According to Microsoft, "PowerCommands is a set of useful extensions for the Visual Studio 2008 adding additional functionality to various areas of the IDE. The source code is included and requires the VS SDK for VS 2008 to allow modification of functionality or as a reference to create additional custom PowerCommand extensions. "

If you've previously worked with Delphi and GExperts, you know how helpful some extensions to your IDE can be.

This free download, from Microsoft, adds some really useful functionality to the VS2008 IDE.  Check it out.

General Tasks Topic:
FAQ of the Month: Enable ASP.Net (ASPX)
Question: How do you enable ASP.Net (ASPX) in IIS 6?


You turn on ASPX in your control panel. Depending on what O/S and version of IIS there are slightly different steps required but essentially you go to the Add/Remove Programs, Alter Windows Components, and make sure ASPX is checked in the Application Server or Application Development Services.

More Info / Details -;en-us;332124&Product=winsvr2003

General Coding Concepts Topic:
Tip of the Month

Most languages support a branching mechanism like if a..elseif b..elseif c. If a evaluates to true, b and c will not execute. The tip is to sort your branching conditions by most to lease used for faster code.

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