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Prestwood IT Newsletter Jul 2015 Issue - Coder Edition


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Tech Services Info topic:
New Printer, Local/Wireless
by Eric Prestwood

Setup printer including downloading of latest drivers if needed.

IT Water-Cooler for Power-Users topic:
Stamp Out Spam
by Vicki Nelson

How to fight back against spam and reclaim your inbox. As you may know, the volume of spam messages sent across the Internet has reached epidemic levels. Some industry experts estimate that three out of every five e-mail messages that are sent today are spam. The spam epidemic is costing companies, professionals, and individual users considerable amounts of time, money, and resources.

What is spam, and what can I do about it? Spam is generally defined as an unsolicited mailing, usually sent to many recipients. Most spam is commercial advertising, often for dubious products, get-rich-quick schemes, or quasi-legal services. Spam costs the sender very little to send. Most of the costs are paid by the recipient or the carriers rather than the sender. Some effective methods for preventing your e-mail address from being captured, sold or abused by spammers in the full version of this article. Click the title to read more.

Off Shoring topic:
Off-shoring: You CAN fight back!
by Wes Peterson

Are you fed up with calling a company and finding yourself speaking to somebody in a foreign country? 

I am, and I've just learned of an effective way to fight back, help return jobs to America, and keep them here.

The best part? We don't have to wait for government to do a thing.

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General .Net Concepts topic (classic post):
Storing your .NET Application Settings
by Adam Lum
Storing settings and configuration information for your .NET application can be achieved in a number of ways including using the app.config file and the ConfigurationManager class, using the registry, and in your own custom configuration file.

Object Orientation (OO) topic (classic post):
OO/UML: Aggregation versus Composition
by Mike Prestwood

Our most popular article in the history of our online community! Explains the "is a", "has a", "uses a", and "looks like" relationships (updated May 2007). "Is a" is inheritance, "looks like" is interfaces, "has a" is aggregation, and "uses a" is composition.

 Monthly Coder Lesson
General .Net Concepts Topic:
Code Snippet of the Month

This code snippet will send a very quick email. Note that this code will not work as-is. You need to have valid email accounts and a valid email server to send a real email.

You need to add: using System.Net.Mail;

MailMessage myMessage = new MailMessage(

"", "",
"Subject", "Message Body.");
SmtpClient mySMTPClient = new SmtpClient(""); 

Object Orientation (OO) Topic:
Definition of the Month: Abstract Class / Abstract Member

An abstract class member is a member that is specified in a class but not implemented. Classes that inherit from the class will have to implement the abstract member. Abstract members are a technique for ensuring a common interface with descendant classes. An abstract class is a class you cannot instantiate. A pure abstract class is a class with only abstract members.

Borland Database Engine Topic:
Download of the Month: Borland Database Engine 5.202

Download BDE 5.202 (includes a small BDE Information utility for testing the installation).

Latest BDE

BDE 5.202 is the latest BDE and was released in 2001 (no updates since). Download Borland Database Engine (BDE) 5.202. This installation installs the BDE 5.202 plus a small utility program to test the installation called BDE Information utility.

Verified 5/20/2017.

General Info, Installation, etc. Topic:
Documented Error of the Month: ISelectionContainer already exists error

Microsoft Visual Studio The service Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop.ISelectionContainer already exists in the service container. Parameter name: serviceType


Install the Visual Studio.Net 2008 SP1 (currently in bata) and this problem should go away.

Here's a link:


General .Net Concepts Topic:
Resource Link of the Month: ASP.NET Interview Questions

Although titled "Interview Questions," this article provides a good list of ASP .NET concepts in an ordered, question and answer format.  Working through it would be a good way to bone up - or refresh - your understanding of ASP .NET.

The answers are brief and concise;   and several contain links to additional information.

General Info, Installation, etc. Topic:
Question: What are the benefits of managed code over native code?


In general terms, managed .Net code is a little more portable (will run on any platform with the correct CLR installed) and is easier to write. However, managed code may run slower and require more system resources.

General Coding Concepts Topic:
Tip of the Month

When comparing floating point numbers, make sure you round to an acceptable level of rounding for the type of application you are using.

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