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Prestwood IT Newsletter Apr 2015 Issue - Coder Edition


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Web & Marketing Services Info topic:
Domain Transfer
by Gerald Renton

Transfer domain to One or more years is added to your domain registration usually at $9.99/year (i.e. .com price). A minimum of only 1 year needs to be added to transfer.

Coding Services Info topic:
Project Management
by Mike Prestwood

Project management. Generally project management ranges from 10% to 30% of a project budget. However, the amount of project management required depends on the project.

IT Water-Cooler for Power-Users topic:
Windows GREP - Great Tool
by Wes Peterson

You know (or think) the file is out there.  You have a pretty good idea about one or two things that are (or ought) to be in it.  Find it fast with Windows GREP.

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Object Orientation (OO) topic (classic post):
by Mike Prestwood

The concept of a class makes it possible to define subclasses that share some or all of the main class characteristics. This is called inheritance. Inheritance also allows you to reuse code more efficiently. In a class tree, inheritance is used to design classes vertically. (You can use Interfaces to design classes horizontally within a class tree.) With inheritance, you are defining an "is-a" relationship (i.e. a chow is-a dog). Analysts using UML call this generalization where you generalize specific classes into general parent classes.

Borland Database Engine topic (classic post):
Uninstalling the BDE
by Wes Peterson

It's rare, but sometimes it may be necessary to remove the BDE from a machine. Not for the faint of heart, and with serious possible consequences, we explain how to manually uninstall the BDE. This is intended for developers or power users.

 Monthly Coder Lesson
Object Orientation (OO) Topic:
Definition of the Month: Polymorphism

A coding technique where the same named function, operator, or object behaves differently depending on outside input or influences. Usually implemented as parameter overloading where the same named function is overloaded with other versions that are called either with a different type or number of parameters. Polymorphism is a general coding technique and other specific implementations are common such as inheritance, operator overloading, and interfaces.

General .Net Concepts Topic:
Resource Link of the Month: A Better .NET Serial Port Control

The SerialPort class introduced in .NET 2.0 is definitely better than writing unmanaged Win32 API calls to access the serial port, but this is much better.

Without going into too much detail, a recent project of mine required that my application interface with an obscure device via RS232 and the serial port.

To do what I needed the device to do required me to manipulate the signal (high/low) on the RTS pin; the .NET framework's SerialPort class didn't really give me a mechanism for doing so.  Wanting to leave writing Win32 API p/invoke calls a last resort, the first result in a Google search for "better .NET serial port" led me to this article on CodeProject which described CommStudio's CommStudio Express which includes a much better serial port (SerialConnection) class which quickly enabled me to get past my little setback an on with the application. Best of all it's free!

I hope this referral link helps you.

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