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Prestwood IT Newsletter Jun 2014 Issue - Paradox Edition


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  June 2014 - Paradox Edition (1700 of 4,788 subscribers receive this group's content.) Year 16 Issue 6  
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Help Wanted! topic:
Contribute To The Prestwood Community
by Mike Prestwood
We are always looking for talented developers to participate in our message boards, post articles, etc.

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P9 Book: Power Programming topic (classic post):
Power: Chapter 12, Handling Reports
by Mike Prestwood

Chapter 12, "Handling Reports" from Paradox 9 Power Programming by Mike Prestwood.

Paradox for Linux topic (classic post):
Chapter 27: Designing Your Database With Paradox for Linux
by Mike Prestwood

Chapter 27 by Mike Prestwood from the book WordPerfect Office 2000 for Linux: The Official Guide. First published June 2000 by Osborne-McGraw/Hill. ISBN 0-07-212238-2.

 Monthly Paradox Lesson
OPAL: Language Basics Topic:
Code Snippet of the Month

In ObjectPAL, you use Cursor.InsertRecord to add a new record, Cursor.postRecord to post the record, and Cursor.deleteRecord() to delete it. To edit a record, you must put the cursor into edit mode, Cursor.Edit(). (A cursor applies to both a TCursor and UIObject.)

ObjectPAL gives you tremendous flexibility with editing data and includes many additional commands such as insertAfterRecord and isEdit. For dBASE tables, you can also use unDeleteRecord() to un-delete a record. See the ObjectPAL help for more commands.

The following code snippet adds a record to a given TCursor with FullName and Created fields:

tc.FullName = "Barack Obama"
tc.Created  = today()
Paradox Tables Topic:
Definition of the Month: Paradox Net Dir

The directory location of the Paradox network control file PDOXUSRS.NET. The active NET DIR parameter is stored in the Paradox section of the BDE configuration file and has precedence over any other NET DIR parameters that may be stored in older 16-bit configuration files, or in the System Init section of the current configuration file, or in the Registry. These other NET DIR entries will have no effect. To access a Paradox table on a network drive, the active NET DIR parameter in the Paradox section of the BDE configuration file must point to a network drive and folder in common to all users.

Runtime, PDE, Package-It! Topic:
Download of the Month: Download Paradox 9 Runtime

How to get Paradox 9 Runtime.

Prestwood clients only!

ObjectPAL Coding Topic:
Resource Link of the Month: ObjectPAL Rules for Beginners

Maintained by Mark Bannister. A compilation of rules and tips scoured from the Paradox Community.

Installation, Setup, & BDE Topic:
Question: I have recently started learning to work with Paradox 9 and have found your book Paradox 9 power programing extremely helpful. I have encountered a problem and hope that you will be kind enough to assist. The problem has occured twice now so I don't think it is a finger problem. When I nearly reach a stage of completion, on opening the program it goes into tile mode, a few seconds later the program tell me to abort (Corel Paradox crashes on startup). Should you be able to give me any assistance I would be most appreciative.


Using Paradox 9 on XP with CorelDraw or any other programs is fine. No problem there. Not sure what the issue is though. You might want to try starting Paradox with a clear desktop using the -c command line option. You can search the help file for command line options for usage. If that isn't the problem, then you must have a bad installation of Paradox (try reinstalling) or some other program is causing it to crash (doubtfull with XP memory management).

OPAL: Language Basics Topic:
Tip of the Month

If, in experimentation, you use sleep(), doDefault, or DisableDefault to overcome some odd or misunderstood behavior, do not leave the commands in your code. If using the command didnt seem to make a difference, then take it out. Use commands only when they are called for. One great way to really learn the event model and the power of these and other commands is to experiment with adding them. Remember to take them out, however, if they do not do what you wanted.

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