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Prestwood IT Newsletter Jun 2013 Issue - Tech Edition


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Coding Services Info topic:
Stabalize Paradox System Audit
by Mike Prestwood

Help stabilize Paradox System with our proprietary procedure including oplocks, BDE settings, software updates (latest appropriate BDE/Paradox), and stabilize computers too. Also includes review of deployment architecture (appropriateness).

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Windows Server 2008 topic (classic post):
Optimizing Virtual Machine Placement
by lowster11

The process for optimizing virtual machine placement includes the following stages:

 Monthly Tech Lesson
Non-Removable Storage Technology Topic:
Definition of the Month: LUN
Logical Unit Number (LUN) A number used to identify a device attached to a SCSI bus.  In a SAN the LUN is used to identify a unit of raw disk storage often refered to as a logical volume.  A LUN can be a portion of a single drive, multiple drives or of a RAID drive.
Wired Networking Topic:
FAQ of the Month: Cat 5e and Gigabit Networks

Can I run a Gigabit network over Category 5 or Category 5e?


No to CAT 5, or at least almost never. Yes to CAT 5e. Category 5e cable is enhanced over Category 5 to adhere to more stringent standards and is recommended over CAT 5 for speeds above 100 Mbps and up to 1 Gigabit.

However, Category 6 or 6a is recommended over CAT 5e because of it's even higher quality and some properly installed CAT 6 networks can support 10 Gigabit speeds. Although for 10 Gigabit, CAT 6a is recommended.

CAT 7 is rated for 10 Gigabit but supports up to 100 Gigabit.

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